Product Quality sells premium, furniture-grade custom closets and closet accessories to the DIY market. We are proud of our product quality and it is one of our highest priorities. This extends through our entire business from customer service through manufacturing and product design.

Furniture Grade Materials

You can count on our products being accurately manufactured and built from quality materials. For over 30 years, we have been perfecting the selection of hardware and other materials that go into the assembly and construction of our products.

Some additional key product qualities include:

  • Constructed of durable, high quality, 3/4-inch furniture-grade, thermally fused laminate (TFL/Melamine).
  • Six laminate colors offered for the same price as basic white.
    White laminate for closet design
    Black laminate for closet design
    Ivory laminate for closet design
    Summer Breeze laminate for closet design
    Summer Breeze
    Rain Cloud laminate for closet design
    Rain Cloud
    Shiraz Cherry laminate for closet design
    Shiraz Cherry
    Shiraz Cherry laminate for closet design

    Customers who use our free design service can choose from a full line of 39 laminate colors (varying price points).

  • More than three dozen color choices.
  • All systems are manufactured using two-sided color laminate with all exposed edges completed with edge banding.
  • Panels are notched along the top to allow the use of a two-way adjustable suspension bracket to be certain system is installed flush to the wall.
  • Holes are drilled every 1.25 inches in panels to allow for maximum adjustability of shelves.
  • All systems have been professionally designed to maximize their efficiency and economy of construction.
  • All laminate products and closet organizers are CARB 2 compliant, conforming to the stringent California Air Resource Board regulations on emissions and product safety.

Closet Company Competitive Comparison

We offer a premium quality product to the DIY market that is typically available only through in-home interior design services. Premium features include:

  1. uses a robust adjustable hanger bracket suspension system to hang panels and allow for adjustment in up/down directions and forward/backward directions. Our competitors don't use suspension brackets. Panels are hung directly on the rail which then takes the weight of the system. This is often a point of system failure. In addition, the suspension brackets come with plastic covers to hide them after installation is complete. furniture grade closet organizer quality
  2. uses commercial grade 3/4-inch-thick thermally fused laminate (Melamine) material. Our competitors use 5/8-inch melamine. Over time, the thinner materials are more likely to bend, sag and distort their shape. thicker materials for closet organizers
  3. For fixed shelves, uses quick-fit through-anchor construction that allows for continuous shelving at the same height. We use locking cams that are preinstalled for you and secured to the shelf in two locations with an outrigger arm with a simple twist of the anchor screw. Competitors use screws to hold shelves together and the shelves must be staggered to access the screws. higher quality closet organizer construction
  4. provides a heavy gauge suspension rail that comes with a plastic cover that conceals any hardware used to secure the rail to the wall providing a clean finish to the system. Competitors use a steel rail that has no cover included and won't offer the same kind of clean finish to your system. high quality rail system anchors closet organizer to wall
  5. Unlike competitors, edge bands all exposed edges of the system for a clean and finished look. Most competitors do not provide edge banding to the bottom of vertical panels. quality closet organizer edgebanded on all four sides
  6. uses the highest quality drawer boxes. Our drawers are made from 12mm wood in 9-Ply plywood with banded edges and an ultraviolet cured finish. The bottom is made from 1/4-inch MDF. The drawers are assembled using dovetail construction at the joints for the strongest hold. By comparison, our competitors are using "wood look" PVC drawer boxes held together using dowels at the joints. This isn't as strong dovetail. These lower quality PVC drawer boxes can come apart over time and use. Download our drawer information sheet to learn about drawer options. Dovetailed wood drawers
  7. Soft close, full-extension, undermount drawer slides are standard at Nearly invisible, these slides allow the drawers to glide in and out quietly and smoothly every time. Each drawer has a 100-pound class dynamic load rating. Undermount drawer slides use the least amount of space of all drawer slides, allowing for larger drawers. Soft close with hydraulic dampener ensures that your drawer closes quietly and smoothly each and every time, even when slammed shut. By comparison, many competitors are using cheaper side mount drawer slides with 3/4 extension, meaning they are highly visible and don't open as far. Dovetailed wood drawers