Why Choose a DIY Closet form CLOSETS.COM

Why Choose DIY Custom Closets from CLOSETS.COM

It's All About You!

Why shouldn't you take center stage in the closet design process? After all, it's your closet and no one knows what you want and need better than yourself. When you choose to design your own custom closet with CLOSETS.COM, you are in control of every aspect of the project from start to finish.

  • Are you good with computers? Design it yourself online to your exact specifications using our software.
  • Or let us design it for you when you collaborate with one of our professional closet designers at no charge, watching them bring your ideas to life under your direction.
  • You control the budget. Add as many or as few bells and whistles as you like.
  • Choose your own installer/handyman with an install time that fits your schedule. Or go ahead and install it yourself if you are handy.
  • SAVE! You can get a higher quality product for less money with DIY from CLOSETS.COM.

It's All About the Quality!

custom closet-dressing room designed by closets.com
This closet-dressing room designed by closets.com We-Design service includes a custom built-in dresser and shelves among its many high-end features.

We offer professional, furniture grade custom closets direct to the consumer. The level of quality and customization provided by CLOSETS.COM is usually only available from high-end interior design services specializing in closets and space management solutions. And you don't need to be located near an urban center to take advantage of our services. You can get any CLOSETS.COM product shipped directly to your door anywhere in the United States or North America.

When you choose CLOSETS.COM you get:

  • Quality usually only accessible to the trade — It's like the difference between a USDA Prime cut of beef versus Select or Choice.
  • Access to unique storage products like the 360 Organizer®, not available in any big box stores.
  • Direct shipments to any home in the United States and greater North America.
  • Ability to couple your ideas with our 30+ years of experience.

CLOSETS.COM is a division of Closet Works LLC., Chicago's oldest and largest provider of high-end custom closet and storage solutions. Established in 1987, you get our years of experience coupled with your own unique, fresh ideas. Got a crazy idea you'd like to try? Talk to us about it. We'll figure out how to get it done.