To receive your FREE closet design from a professional space management designer:
  1. Go to our closet design questionnaire.
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  2. Save the form to your desktop/tablet/smart form for free closet design
    You can type directly onto this form from your computer or print it out and fill it in by hand if you are more comfortable with that.
  3. Email the completed form to [email protected]
  4. Alternately, if you feel that you need to speak to one of our closet designers in person, use the live chat feature located in our top menu bar, or just fill out our online contact form and a someone will get back to you within one business day.
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Tips before ordering a closet:

Measuring is one of the most critical parts of the closet design process. Ball park numbers simply won't do. Please take the time to review measuring guidelines and closet design basics before submitting your closet design request.

For ideas about the types of closet organizer units that can be included, see our Closet Organizers Unit Specifications page as a reference guide.