Are you one of the many workers who used to spend your days in an office but are now performing your job duties from home? If so, your situation is not unique. Numerous companies have asked their employees to work out of their homes until the Coronavirus outbreak is under control. The commute couldn’t be easier. But there are also challenges with this arrangement that need to be overcome. Try these work from home office ideas. Your days are sure to be more productive and happier when you take charge of your daily environment.

Desks & Custom Storage Ideas for Your Home Office

Your employer probably sent you home with a computer and a phone, but little else in terms of equipment. But more is needed for the best performance. The rest is left to you because it involves setting up your private residence with an effective workspace. Essential work from home office ideas includes a comfortable desk, enough storage to stay organized, and adequate lighting. Each of these plays an important role in your overall productivity when working from home.

Office Desks

Desks for the home office market can be grouped into three categories: freestanding, built-in, and convertible or hidden. Your individual situation and available space will determine which of these is best for you.

  1. Freestanding Desks:

    These are the desks we are all most familiar with. The freestanding desk is a piece of furniture that can be independently moved and located anywhere in a room. This makes them very versatile. They can be as simple as a basic table or come with all sorts of drawers and storage. They come in many sizes, styles, and price points. This type of desk is usually the best solution for a renter because they can be easily packed up and moved to the next residence.
    Freestanding desk for home office
    Simple, modern freestanding desk used for home office. This style is similar to a table. Cons include its lack of storage. Pros are that the desk can be moved around easily.
  2. Built-in Desks:

    Built-in desks take the best advantage of available space because they can be custom configured to fit your home. They can be made to fit odd and unused corners, thereby maximizing your available living areas. This type of desk is usually part of a larger storage solution that includes built-in shelves or cabinets to surround the work area. Like all built-ins, they are generally attached to the wall. For this reason, they aren’t easily moved after installation. However, this also drives its value. Built-ins can help increase home value because you must leave them behind for the next homeowner when you move. For this reason, we recommend them for people who own rather than rent.
    Freestanding desk for home office
    This built-in desk takes advantage of an under-utilized area underneath the basement stairs. The desk with its attached shelves and cabinets transforms the space into a complete home office. Project from Closet Works, our parent company.
  3. Convertible/Hidden Desks:

    Convertible/Hidden Desks: If you don’t have any empty areas around your home to set up a dedicated home, consider adding a convertible desk that allows the space to perform dual functions. There are numerous ways to design one of these desks. But one thing they all have in common is that the convertible desk hides away when not in use. It can be located on the flip side of a Murphy bed and disappear when the bed is opened. It can be constructed so that it pulls out of a cabinet or folds away into a wall unit when you don’t need it. They are designed to be part of an overall storage solution as custom dual-function built-ins. Although the initial cash outflow to own one of these desks may seem high, it is much less expensive than adding on to your home to provide a dedicated workspace.
    Hidden desk folds away into storage cabinet
    A convertible desk folds away into the built-in storage cabinets in this home office. The room combines 3 functions. It is a guest room with a Murphy bed, a home office, and a den for watching TV. Project from Closet Works, our parent company.

Home Office Storage

Adequate storage is essential to any home office set up. Although you probably keep most of your files on a server or upload them to the cloud, you still need a place to keep typical office sundries like paper, envelopes, ink, printers, etc. When your workspace is messy, you’re less productive. Get organized and watch your performance increase proportionally. Your organization strategy can be shelves, drawers, a dedicated closet, or just some bins you roll out while working. But you must put things away and use whatever storage you choose. The more convenient you make your storage, the easier it will be to stay on top of the mess, and the more likely you are to use it consistently. A shelving unit with an integrated desk, cabinets, and drawers will go a long way towards keeping your workspace organized.

Home office storage
Home office for two workers with built-in wrap-around storage on all walls. Cabinets, drawers, shelves, and two integrated workstations keep the workday organized, even when working from home. Project from Closet Works, our parent company.

Home Office Lighting

Proper light is essential to good health while working. It is just as important as adequate storage and a nice desk to sit at. Try to locate your work area near a window if possible. But regardless of whether you have access to natural light near your desk, you will need some good task lighting if you’re going to avoid eye strain. A table lamp will help, but it’s usually not enough. If you have overhead storage cabinets or shelves, consider adding puck lights to the underside to illuminate your desk. The new units are LED and low voltage — perfect for the DIYer. Alternately, use rope/tape lighting. But make sure the lights are bright enough.

If your desk doesn’t have any overhead storage to work with, install light fixtures on the ceiling over the desk. Supplement that light with a good desk lamp (or two). Whichever you choose, take care of your eyes and your health. It will pay off in the long run.

Home office with task lighting
Home office desk and wall unit design with custom LED task lighting under the overhead shelves to keep the desk bright at any time of day. Project from Closet Works, our parent company.

Got ideas on what’s needed to set up your best work from home office?

Put your ideas into action! Setting up your home office can be fun. At least, as fun as working from home can be. Just remember to choose a quality desk, enough storage to keep yourself organized, and task lighting to avoid eye strain. If you expect your work from home situation to be long-term, consider investing in a custom home office system. Our designers can go beyond closets and pantries. Make the best of the current situation. Let our design team and storage professionals help you put every inch of available space in your home to good use.

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