Everyone loves a good bottle of wine. If you find one you particularly like, you may be tempted to stock up. But sans wine cellar, how does the average person store wine bottles? Or a large cache of any type of bottle for that matter? Luckily, there are a lot of solutions available. Ideas range from custom racks that span an entire wall to slide-out bottle racks that fit neatly into your pantry or closet. And many custom wine bottle storage systems are DIY friendly, making it even easier to get one into your home.

Wine should be stored on its side so that the corks don’t dry out. That’s one fact everyone agrees on. But how best to keep these stacks of bottles from rolling away is another matter. Usually made of metal or wood, there are a lot of small racks available commercially that your can purchase that hold up to a dozen bottles each. But what if you have a lot of wine to store? You probably don’t want to line your rooms with a clutter of little wine racks. And how will you ever find the one you want unless they are organized? A wine cellar is perfect, but not everyone has extra space to devote a whole room to wine. A single, larger wine rack solution that can keep your bottles safe and orderly is needed.

Try these easy custom wine bottle storage racks and cubbies that don’t require building a wine cellar.

The wine wall cubby system.

Wine cubbies are one of the best ways to store wine. They hold the bottle on their sides in the recommended fashion and prevent light from hitting the bottle and spoiling the wine. Because each one usually holds a single bottle, the wine is well-protected. Use wine cubbies for those special bottles of wine. The beauty of using these small cubes for wine storage is their flexibility. You can have as many or as few as you need and they’re very simple to construct. They can be incorporated into any type of space, but work best when wine storage needs to be relegated to a long expanse of wall. They are easy to fit into any hallway or dining area as they only need 14-inches depth. Use them alone, or integrate them into a bar and beverage area complete with a bar and decanting area.

custom wine wall storage rack
This custom wine wall storage rack includes individual cubbies to store single bottles of wine x-shaped wine cubes that store multiple bottles on their sides, plus a small refrigerator for chilling wine. It’s designed to easily accommodate over 330 bottles. More than just storage, the countertop below the cubbies functions as a decanting area. The cabinets store glasses and other barware.

X-shaped wine racks.

If you are a wine drinker, you want a wine rack that is easily accessible, stores wine safely, and can showcase your collection. An x-shaped wine rack is very popular because it will do all of these things. Plus, it’s very easy to build.

Here’s how to do it: Simply start with an oversize cube and separate the interior of the cube with two dividers that run from corner to corner in an x-shape. Size both of your dividers to fit from one corner to the opposite one. Cut the ends at a 45° angle so that the divider sits flush with the interior corners of the cube. (At this point, you’ll only be able to insert one divider at a time). Next, cut one of the dividers in half. Then, measure the thickness of the material you are working with and trim the length of each of your short dividers by 50% of that thickness. Simply fit one of the short dividers into each of the remaining corners creating an x-shape. Secure it to the long divider with furniture cams.

Each triangular storage section will hold up to 6 wine bottles depending on the size of the cube. The beauty of this type of storage, however, is that you can add any size bottle or cylindrical object to your storage. Stack them up. They won’t fall, slip or roll around. If you want to get fancy, you can further frame your wine cube with individual cubbies to add more storage. It’s an easy DIY project that you can assemble yourself.

X-style wine rack with extra cubbies
This x-style double wine rack holds 72 bottles of wine or other beverages. In fact, this versatile organizer can hold any cylindrical object. Use it for bottles, but also rolled towels, cans, etc.

Simple racks for cabinet or closet interiors.

If you don’t want to cover a wall with your wine bottle storage, consider a hidden rack that fits in your cabinet or closet. There are many types available, but pull-out bottle racks that slide in and out like drawers are the most convenient. These inexpensive organizers for wine only hold a few bottles, but the price and ease of installation mean you can buy several. Install the racks using the included side-mount drawer glides and screws. Two glides are included with each unit for good support of your heavy bottles. Place the glides against the walls of the cabinet interior or vertical panels of your closet. They come in widths for 18-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch openings. Each wine rack with drawer glides is 14-inches deep. The screw holes align perfectly with the full-bore drilling pattern of closets.com pantry closet panels and are very simple to install yourself.

slide out rack for wine bottle storage.
This pull-out rack for wine mounts to the sides of the vertical closet panels and holds up to 5 bottles. The side-loading design keeps bottles horizontal and tilted slightly so that corks never dry out. Use it in your pantry closet. It not only works well for wine but also for large bottles of oil and vinegar.

Got some ideas for your own custom wine bottle storage?

Whether you cover and entire wall with wine bottle storage cubbies, choose a smaller organizer to rack your wine, or pick a slide out system that only holds a few bottles, your can get the storage you need to enjoy wine anytime.

Choose a wine wall if you need a lot of storage or a central location for all your beverage entertaining needs. X-racks are simple to build and can hold a couple dozen bottles, but you may need to dig a bit to get a bottle from the bottle. Slide-out racks are inexpensive. They install inside a closet or pantry but only hold a few bottles per rack, so you may need to buy several of these. But no matter which type of storage you choose for your wine, the convenience of buying in quantity and keeping all your favorites on hand for impromptu entertaining or simply enjoying on your own can’t be be underestimated. Uncork and enjoy!

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