When the snow finally melts and the weather gets warmer, it goes without saying that it’s time for some spring cleaning. Although many gravitate toward the closets first, some don’t realize that other areas can accumulate winter clutter just as easily. When your closets are full, try under-the-bed storage ideas to clean out and declutter these spaces.

To help prevent the buildup of dust and debris and add some extra organization, the area under the bed can serve as a valuable storage space. Every bedroom has a bed, which means each one has the possibility of a little extra storage capacity. When used intentionally, under-the-bed space could help lessen the burden on closets and cabinets.

An Underrated Storage Space

There comes a time in every seasoned organizer’s journey when you need to think outside the box. A closet can be arranged and rearranged only so many times. Often underrated, underutilized, and left to gather dust is the space under the bed. Not only can this area provide hidden storage, but it can also help reduce clutter in other locations — as long as the proper under-the-bed organization ideas are followed.

When deciding what to store under the bed, remember that it can be physically adapted to fit your needs and belongings. Some common items to stow include:

  • Luggage
  • Linens
  • Shoes
  • Seasonal pieces
  • Hobby supplies
  • Books

Be aware, however, that there are certain items you should not store under the bed. Boxes or metal storage containers that are heavy or have sharp corners could scratch the floors. Unsealed or uncovered bins could accumulate too much dirt or grime if under the bed. Plus, frequently used items may work better in the closet, so they’re more easily accessible.

Using Under-Bed Space to Your Advantage

Custom bed with built-in under-the-bed storage drawers.
If you like the appearance of a floating bed but need the additional storage space that can be made available through under-the-bed-storage solutions, try a custom bed frame with drawers and lighting like the one shown here. Available through the CLOSETS.COM We-Design service.

For those people who aren’t living on acres of land in a multi-bedroom complex, storage is often a problem. However, if you can look at a room with a fresh eye, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to organizational tools and the help of DIYers, here are some under-the-bed storage ideas to give the closet a break and start making this area work for you.

How to Maximize Your Under-the-Bed Storage Potential

  1. Swap bed frames for optimal space. Although floating beds may seem trendy and all the rage, they’re not ideal for those who are low on storage space. Instead, look for a high-foundation frame or invest in a frame with built-in drawers.
  2. Build vertically with risers. If buying a new bed frame isn’t in the budget, try individual bed risers. They go underneath the legs of the bed, and some can be stacked to create a higher platform that accepts storage.
  3. Replace shoeboxes with shoe organizers. Plastic organizers allow for easy access to shoe collections while avoiding the dust and lint that often lingers under the bed. For bulky items such as heels and boots, look for special compartment boxes that can save closet space.
  4. Slide-in some rolling storage. For even easier access, try implementing some rolling boxes or organizers with wheels. This can also be done as a DIY project, attaching old wheels to contemporary or modern baskets for an up-cycled aesthetic.
  5. Try bins, boxes, or baskets. This strategy is tried and true, offering a fully customizable approach. Whether choosing plastic boxes or compartmentalized organizers, these solutions can match décor while protecting your belongings from the indoor elements.
  6. Consider air-tight bags. When compressed with a vacuum, storage bags can shrink up to 80% in size. Since they pack so tightly, it allows for stackable options. The plastic material also offers protection from moisture, mold, odors, and general wear and tear.
  7. Conceal with a bed skirt. Once your under-bed is organized to your liking, add a simple bed skirt to hide the new layout. It can be tough to add storage while simultaneously making it aesthetically pleasing, so a skirt eliminates the need to impress.
  8. Install a few hanging caddies. Although these options don’t necessarily go under the bed, a hanging bedside caddy could add significant, versatile storage. Keep electronics, pens, glasses, and books in the pockets to have easy access in an otherwise cramped space.

Ready to Look Under-the-Bed for Storage?

bedroom with under-the-bed storage boxes in decorative fabric.
Get a clean and simple look like this one using seven Engage fabric storage boxes. The boxes come with lids to keep the dust bunnies out and collapse when not in use for even more storage opportunities.

Even with a limited amount of space, there are creative and versatile ways to increase your storage opportunities. Making use of “dead” space — especially under the bed — could change the way you view traditional storage. With the right accessories, containers, and supplies, you can create a second DIY closet under your own bed.

Girl looking under the bed.
This bed has a lot of under-the-bed storage potential. Why not put it to use with these under-the-bed storage ideas?

What was once the resting place of childhood monsters is now an opportunity for some bedroom Feng Shui. During the next burst of spring cleaning, try these tips to optimize your underneath-the-bed storage capacity.

If you are having trouble turning the bed into a closet extension, our professional designers are happy to help. We also offer a personal design tool to secure the accessories and materials you need to create the storage room of your dreams.

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