Closet islands, jewelry drawers, built-in vanities, and storage galore — these are the features we think of when we hear walk-in closet. Whenever someone mentions their ideal closet, it’s always a walk-in. Do you also fantasize about owning a grand, opulent closet but feel you lack the space to create one in your own home? Think again. Luxury closets don’t necessarily have to be large. Check out these small walk-in closet ideas that make a big impact. Then try them out. The closet of your dreams may be just around the bend.

Try these small walk-in closet ideas to add a bit of lux living to closets of any size.

Any size closet can be luxurious. It’s all a matter of the layout and accessories you put in place. And of course good design matters. It can, however, be more of a challenge with a small closet. You need to pay attention to the details. They make all the difference between that ho-hum storage space and a luxury closet. The right closet organizers and accessories are key to bringing it off. Try these small walk-in closet ideas. They can transform your little closet into a luxury oasis that most only dream about.

Double up your hanging.

One thing all luxury closets need is some space. And that’s the main thing small closets lack. Or do they? You can immediately increase the space in any closet by replacing the single clothes rod with double-hang closet organizers. These closet organizers are meant for shirts, pants, and jackets but you can often get a long skirt or dress in there if you drape it over the hanger like a pair of pants. Use them for all your hanging if possible. You’ll cut your hanging areas in half. That way you open up the wall and floor space for other types of luxury features.

Small walk-in closet
This small walk-in closet utilizes a double hanging system to free up space on the back wall for shelves and drawers. Double-hang is one of the best small closet ideas available for gaining square footage in tight spaces.

Invest in new hangers.

One thing all luxury closets have in common is that they sport nice, matching hangers. The matching point is really important. And a good set of hangers can really set the tone of the closet.  That’s why you shouldn’t skimp in this area. A good set of new hangers isn’t very expensive. Just about anyone should be able to afford to splurge a bit here. Polished wood hangers are the best. You can never go wrong with an elegant set of wood hangers. But they do require more space than some other choices. A good set of matching velvet-covered hangers can also be also a nice choice. Be sure to purchase sturdy ones so that they don’t break on you. However, slimline velvet hangers will often allow you to get twice as many clothes into the same amount of space. They are available in many pretty colors to boot.

Custom closet section with matching hangers
This walk-in closet looks cohesive and pulled together because it uses all matching, top-of-the-line wood hangers.

The best small walk-in closet ideas include a closet hutch.

A closet hutch consists of a lower bank of drawers, countertop, and upper cabinet. The upper cabinet is usually a bit shallower than the lower base section of drawers. (Similar to the way kitchen cabinets are set up). The beauty of this type of storage unit is that it can replace the functionality of its larger cousin, the closet island, in many applications. It can also be just as elegant. Smaller closets usually don’t have room for an island but most can fit a hutch. Hutches offer a ton of storage possibilities because they feature upper cabinets as well as lower drawers. Dress them up with glass inserts and granite countertops for a high-end look. The countertops can be equipped with pop-up charging stations for computers, phones, and electronics. And hutches can be made to any size. From very narrow to extra-wide, there’s a hutch that will fit your closet.

Small walk-in closet with closet hutch and rotating shoe storage.
This small walk-in closet includes a hutch between the hanging and rotating shoe shelves. The upper cabinet features rain glass doors that store a handbag collection. The countertop is marble, while the top drawer is designed to offer locked jewelry storage.

Keep your jewelry in a closet jewelry drawer.

One thing that all the big luxury closets feature is custom jewelry storage. In fact, some of them are like giant, walk-in jewelry boxes. You too can have this feature in your smaller closet. The secret is the velvet-lined jewelry drawer organizer. Everything from necklaces and earrings to watches and eyeglasses can be stored in one of these closet accessories. Add a lock if you like for security. The five-inch closet drawers work best with these jewelry organizers. Be sure to include at least one drawer of this size in your closet hutch. Nothing says luxury like a jewelry drawer.

small walk-in closet with jewelry drawer organizer and closet hutch
This closet may be tiny but it doesn’t skimp on luxury features like the locked jewelry drawer, hutch, tower of shelves, and a built-in hamper.

Highlight your shoe storage.

Luxury closet systems often highlight their shoe storage as a prominent feature. It’s kind of like “shoes as art.” So keep yours out in the open rather than hiding them away. But even if you don’t have a huge collection of designer shoes, you’ll need dedicated shoe storage in your closet. A pile on the floor, no matter how neat, simply won’t do. Depending on how much footwear you have, include either a built-in pull-out shoe rack (perfect for small spaces), dedicated shoe shelves with or without fences, or a floor-to-ceiling rotating shoe organizer for those who have a lot of footgear. If you go with shelves they can be angled to better display the shoes like they do in a high-end shoe store. Use shoe fences to prevent the shoes from sliding off angled shelves. Use vertical LED light strips to call attention to your shoe display.

This small, narrow, walk-in closet includes rotating shoe storage in the corner. The 360 Organizer provides floor-to-ceiling shoe storage for up to 200 pairs of shoes. It uses only 40 square inches of floor space.

Add an LED closet lighting system.

A sure fire way to take a closet that’s ordinary to extraordinary is with a good LED closet lighting system. These low voltage lights are affordable and easy to install. It’s a wonder that everyone doesn’t have one. This type of closet lighting may be somewhat rare in the world of everyday closets, but nearly all the big, expensive, luxury closets have this feature. The good news is that the LED lights are tiny and can fit in any size closet. They’re also DIY friendly because the low voltage lighting can be installed by the average handy homeowner.

Narrow but luxurious galley style walk-in closet with a closet lighting system
This narrow but luxurious galley style walk-in closet features an elaborate closet lighting system.

Details matter — include specialty racks and hooks.

Face it. The more clean and organized your closet is, the better its impression will be. The look to avoid is clutter. But your closet needs to hold all your clothes and then some as well. Don’t worry. There’s a solution. One of the best ways to get more storage into a small space is to accessorize with racks and hooks made for closets. These closet accessories not only help you stay organized and get more “stuff” into less space. They also look good. And different ones are made for different types of storage. Hooks are very practical because they fit in the smallest of nooks and crannies. And there are so many different kinds.

Racks are another way to go. Many are designed to pull out of the closet when you need them and recede into invisibility when not in use. Use one for belts and another for scarves. There are organizers for ties and pants too. It’s a good way to maximize storage in a small space and keep it looking nice too.

Telescoping belt and purse rack for closets.

Add a built-in hamper.

One high end closet feature that many people forget about is the built-in closet hamper. Better than a laundry basket on the floor, the built-in hamper can hide your dirty laundry, help sort it, and add convenience to a chore no one likes. Available as tilt-out or slide out hampers, they fit in any size closet with standard closet sections of 18, 24, or 30-inches. In many cases, the built-in hamper actually takes up less room in the closet than a laundry basket. Big walk-in closets almost always include one or more built-in hampers. But it’s a good idea for small closets too.

Tilt-out built-in closet hamper with two bags for sorting.
Built-in closet hampers can be tilt-out like the one shown, or slide out. They come in single or double configurations that let you sort your laundry right in the closet. They also nearly always include removeable bags for conveniently carrying laundry to the washer. The front panel on this one matches the rest of the closet so that it is completely hidden when closed.

Upgrade your handles, knobs, drawer slides, and other hardware.

If you want your closet to say luxury, you need good quality hardware. Forget about those cheap, hollow handles and knobs. You want solid pieces that feel substantial when you touch them. This is an inexpensive upgrade and easy to do yourself. All it usually takes is a couple of screws. You also need to make sure your other closet hardware is top of the line. Closet drawers should slide in and out smoothly and quietly. Hidden, under mount drawer slides with soft close hydraulics simply feel more substantial and luxurious than cheap wobbly ones. And no closet, big or small, feels luxurious when the drawers won’t open or the drawers fall apart. Invest in quality hardware. You won’t regret it.

Open drawer with organizers, dovetail joints, and hidden under mount drawer slides.
All drawers have wood boxes, never plastic or PVC. Joints are dovetailed. And hidden under mount drawer slides with soft close hydraulics are standard.

Install crown moulding

Crown moulding adds a luxury feel to any home. And it’s available with a traditional profile, simplified transitional look, or flat contemporary style. And it doesn’t need to go all the way around your closet. Depending on the sizeand layout of your space, you may want use it to highlight a specific feature of the closet. For example, use the crown moulding over your closet hutch or cabinet to draw attention to it. Emphasize it even more when you put LED strip lighting behind the crown moulding to give the whole space a soft ambient glow.

Closet with crown moulding and an LED closet lighting system.
This closet has crown moulding an a simple, transitional style with an LED light system behind the crown to cast illumination up towards the ceiling.

Ready to put these small walk-in closet ideas into action?

Unlike the luxury automobile, a luxury closet can be had by anyone. And you don’t need to dedicate a lot of space in your home to achieve this. Use these small walk-in closet ideas to impart a big, elegant impact on your bedroom closet. Remember to:

  • Double up your hanging
  • Invest in new, matching hangers
  • Add a closet hutch
  • Keep your jewelry in a closet jewelry drawer
  • Highlight your shoe storage, keeing your best footwear visible and off the floor
  • Add an LED closet lighting system
  • Include specialty racks and hooks for wardrobe accessories
  • Add a built-in closet hamper
  • Upgrade your handles, knobs, drawer slides, and other hardware.

Even a few of these tips will help a closet feel more luxurious. Implement all ten and we guarantee your closet will exude luxury. And if you want help, the designers at can help you turn that small walk-in closet into a luxury storage system you’ll be proud of.

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