Got stuff? Need a convenient way to store it that won’t cost an arm and a leg? Whether you’re looking for a place to put laundry, baby clothes, stuffed animals, or pantry items like root vegetables and chips, pull-out wire baskets make a great storage solution.

Pull-Out Wire Baskets Offer Convenient Storage at an Economical Price

Sliding wire baskets are an economical and practical choice for closet storage or for any room in the home. They have many uses. Use them just like drawers to organize small things at a fraction of the cost of actual closet drawers. Their open design and breathability make them an excellent choice as either a hamper or storage for root vegetables. Try them as a practical way to protect fragile items that could be crushed on a conventional shelf. Their use is limited only by your imagination.

Where to Use Sliding Wire Baskets

  1. Instead of a Drawer for Your Closet

    Pull-out wire baskets can be used in the closet in place of built-in closet drawers. The baskets come with ball bearing side mount drawer slides that are easy to install. When installed, you can slide them in and out just like any drawer. Choose from many different widths and heights to get the right basket for your needs. Load up the small baskets with underwear, baby bibs — whatever you need. Wire basket liners are available to ensure that nothing falls through the slats. They offer the same basic functionality as a drawer at a fraction of the cost.

    Baby closet with wire baskets used as drawers
    This baby closet uses baskets instead of drawers for storing bibs and small items.
  2. As a Built-In Hamper

    Use the large 17-inch high sliding wire baskets as a built-in hamper for your closet. Pull-out wire baskets are designed to fit between the vertical panels of standard closet organizers. You can get them in 18-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch widths, but the depth is always 14-inches. Use them towards the bottom of your closet section and the basket becomes an instant hamper. Add a removable canvas liner with handles to your basket so that you can easily transport dirty clothes to the washing machine on laundry day. It will also prevent small clothing from falling through the slats. At less than half the cost of other built-in closet hamper solutions, it’s worth giving them a try.

    Large sliding wire baskets as built-in hamper
    Large sliding wire basket used as a built-in hamper for the closet. This one includes a removeable canvas liner with handles.
  3. Laundry Room Clothes Sorter

    Ever wished for a better way to sort clothes in your laundry room? Pull-out wire baskets are convenient and take up very little space. In fact, they can completely disappear behind a cabinet door when not in use! That’s why they are a better solution than standard plastic laundry baskets when you are tight on space. Use them to sort clothes by color or washing machine settings. Separate delicates and perma-press, or lights from darks. What’s more, you need never fear mixing your whites with your reds and turning everything pink if you have a good sorting solution like this for your laundry closet.

    Sliding wire baskets for sorting clothes in the laundry room
    Sliding wire baskets can be used for sorting clothes or storage in the laundry room.
  4. Mudroom Catch All

    Mittens, gloves, scarves, your pocketbook — they all tend to get dumped at the door. Therefore, a good organizing and storing solution is important for the mudroom. Wire baskets to the rescue! Use them inside cabinets or under your mudroom bench. Install one for every family member and you’ll be amazed at just how organized your family can be! They’re even good for small stuffed animals, toys, lunchboxes, and more. Use them for anything small items that you’d like to keep near the door. If you use a liner with the basket, you can even toss your keys in them, so they are never misplaced.

    Pull-ou wire baskets for used in the mudroom
    Pull-out wire baskets used in a mudroom bench make a convenient place to put mittens, gloves, scarves, and even small toys for the family on the go.
  5. Pantry Storage for Root Vegetables

    Root vegetables like potatoes and onions need to be stored in a cool, dry place outside of the refrigerator. It’s important to allow air to circulate around them. You could keep them out in the kitchen like a bowl of fruit. However, most people don’t want a bowl of onions sitting their dining table. Use pull-out wire baskets in the pantry closet or cabinet to handle storage of this type of food. If you are worried about onion skins or other pieces of food dropping through the wires, add a plastic liner to the bottom of the basket and you’ll be good to go!

    Pull-out wire baskets used in pantry
    Pull-out wire baskets used in a pantry closet for root vegetables and snack foods that might easily be crushed.
  6. Pantry Cabinet Organizer for Snacks & Chips

    Potato chips and other snack foods that come in a bag are another good candidate for sliding wire baskets. Stored on a shelf, the chips are easily smashed. You can’t push them to the back of the cabinet without ending up with a bag of crumbs. That’s why you should look into a solution like sliding baskets to store your delicate snacks. They’re convenient. Just slide the basket out for instant access when you’re hungry. Push it back in so that you don’t look at them when you’re trying to avoid temptation.

    Pull-out wire baskets used for food storage
    Pull-out wire baskets used in a kitchen pantry closet for storage of bagged chips and other snack items.
  7. Anywhere in the Home

    Do you have a desk that lacks drawers? How about a bookcase that needs to hold more than books? Wondering where to put your flashlights so that they’re available when you need them? These are instances where sliding wire baskets can help. Put them in any alcove that is 18, 24, or 30-inches wide and at least 14-inches deep. They make a great catch all for miscellaneous accessories around the home.

    Complete entryway storage system
    This complete entryway storage system offers a convenient place to drop off the keys, hang your jacket, plus a place to stow gloves, scarves, and more.

Sliding Wire Baskets are a Good Option for DIY Installation

In addition to all the great uses for pull-out wire baskets, they are super easy to install yourself. Just screw the basket slide to the side of the vertical closet or cabinet panel and then attach the basket to the slide. That’s all there is to it. All you need is a drill, some screws and a screwdriver. Any homeowner who is moderately handy can do it. Considering the many uses and affordable price tag, why isn’t everyone using sliding wire baskets as part of their organization and storage strategy?

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