Do you love food or love to cook and bake? Do you have a tiny kitchen? Does this situation cause a dilemma for you? Don’t despair if your kitchen lacks adequate space for all the foods and ingredients you love. Whether you are an amateur chef or simply appreciate a good home-cooked meal, you’ll love these pantry closet ideas that are sure to increase your overall kitchen and food storage!

5 Pantry Closet Ideas that Will Increase Your Total Pantry Storage

  1. Use Pull-Outs

    The first thing you’ll want to try is a way to increase storage in your existing pantry or kitchen cabinets. One of the best solutions is to add organization accessories such as pull-outs. By pull-outs we mean drawers in addition to shelves, baskets on sliders, and racks.

    Specialty racks are available for spices, bottles that recede into the depths of your pantry when not in use, but can be easily pulled forward like a drawer when needed. Wire baskets on sliders function in a similar manner and are ideal for storing root vegetables or chips. They allow both air circulation and protect the product from breakage while stashing it out-of-the-way in the back of the closet. If you invest in pull-out pantry shelves, you will be rewarded because they slide forward and you can see items at the back of the shelf. They also have shallow sides like a drawer to prevent cans and small items from falling off the shelf. Pull-outs will increase your overall pantry organization. This is good because the more organized your pantry is, the more it will hold. As an added bonus, things will be easier to find.

    Pull-out organizers for pantry closetThese pantry shelves offer more storage than ordinary shelves because the pull-out drawers, shelves, bottle rack, and wire baskets allow more things to be stored in the back without getting lost. They also allow for a tighter fit between products. This means more goods per square inch.
  2. Put in a Baking Station

    Another way to increase your kitchen pantry storage is to separate out your baking from the rest of your cooking. If you can install a new baking station in or near your kitchen, you can move all the baking storage needs to this new location, leaving more storage for the rest of your cooking ingredients and tools. A clever way to add a baking station to a small kitchen is to convert a nearby closet or hallway into a baking center. Not only will this gain storage for your pantry, but it increases the overall footprint of your kitchen. This, in turn, leads to higher resale value. A win no matter how you look at it.

    Baking station for kitchen replaces hallway closetThe new baking station near the door of this small condo replaces a reach-in entry closet. Colors, flooring, and finishes were chosen to complement the existing kitchen. The resulting space not only adds pantry storage and functionality, but it expands the entire kitchen footprint — no mean feat when you are working with a condominium that is only 500 square feet.
  3. Add a Wall Unit Pantry

    If your floor plan doesn’t allow you to take over an existing hall closet and convert it into a baking station or additional pantry storage, consider building a wall unit pantry. Like an armoire, a wall unit pantry is similar to a piece of furniture because it sits “outside the closet.” Unlike furniture, it should be anchored to the wall studs like your kitchen cabinets. This strength is necessary for all the cans, bottles, and pantry products it must hold. One of our favorite pantry closet ideas is to place this type of pantry storage in a breakfast nook. Breakfast nooks often have an empty expanse of wall that works well for this type of storage. A wall unit pantry is usually 14-inches deep. However, you can custom design your pantry as shallow as 6-inches deep depending on space requirements.

    Pantry closet idea for a breakfast nookThis newly created wall unit pantry installed in the homeowner’s breakfast nook solves a multitude of storage issues.
  4. Consider a Rotating Pantry Closet

    The 360 Organizer ® rotating pantry packs a lot of pantry storage into a relatively small space. About the size of a small cabinet-depth refrigerator, this unique product is an open face cabinet with rotating pantry shelves. This space saving pantry cabinet rotates manually a full 360-degrees like a giant Lazy Susan, granting easy access to all sides. It offers a total of 34 shelves, providing plenty of storage possibilities while ensuring that nothing gets lost in the back. Use the 360 pantry in either a corner or along a wall.

    360 Organizer wall pantryThis kitchen lacks upper cabinets for storage of food. The owner installed a 360 Organizer® rotating pantry closet and now has plenty of pantry storage.
  5. Extra Basement or Garage Pantry

    Think about a basement or garage pantry closet if you are simply too tight on space to do anything with your existing kitchen. This type of storage is not meant to be your main pantry, but an annex for kitchen implements and some foodstuffs. Storage areas in basements and garages are not necessarily limited to bare bones utilitarian function either. With the right design, they can be quite attractive as well as functional.

    Locate your new pantry near the basement stairs or an area near the door to the house in an attached garage. These locations provide the most convenient access to your kitchen. You will definitely want cabinet doors to cover most of your shelving in these areas. That way, you minimize the dust or dirt that can get into your pantry. Limit this type of pantry storage to canned or packaged goods, small appliances and covered cookware. Fresh foodstuffs should stay in the house. However, by moving most of the canned goods and boxed items to this extra pantry unit in the basement or garage, you’ll free up a lot of space in your kitchen.

    Good lighting is essential in a basement or garage pantry. Install a low voltage LED closet lighting system. These are made for DIY installation and work very well for this application. Another nice way to add light is with a mirror. Try framing one like a window to create the illusion of being above ground.

    Pantry closet idea for basement or garageThis pantry closet is located directly under the home’s kitchen in the basement. It is used for storing bulk items, kitchen gadgets and serving pieces that are not used every day. Notice how the mirror over the countertop mimics the look and feel of a bright and cheery window.

Get Organized!

Whether you are a foodie who loves to cook or just frustrated by your small kitchen, try incorporating some of these pantry closet ideas into your home. You’ll be surprised at all the extra storage to be had by simply being organized!

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