Now that Halloween is behind us, retailers everywhere will begin marketing and decorating for Christmas and the winter holidays. The mad rush to get ready for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s, is upon us. The whirlwind of activity can descend into chaos, becoming a major source of stress if we let it. Keep calm, however, by following these tips on how to stay organized this holiday season.

Learn how to stay organized during the hectic holidays using these six simple organizing tips.

  1. Make a List

    Just like Santa Claus, you want to be “making a list and checking it twice.” A list will help you to stay organized by keeping you on track and focused on what matters to you. A big general list with items like “keep kitchen stocked with goodies”, “clean house”, and “buy gifts” can be further broken down into smaller to-do lists with tasks assigned to other family members. holiday organizing tips include making a list
  2. Set a Routine

    Are delicious decorated cookies, other homemade holiday treats, or crafty decorations important to you? Why not set aside a particular time or day each week throughout November and December when you work on this? This way, you don’t have to worry about it. You know it will get done, because the time is budgeted to accomplish it. Set aside an area in a place like a kitchen pantry or home office where all your cookie cutters, or crafting materials are organized and ready to go, allowing you to maximize your time and get more done.
    A tidy, well-stocked pantry can help with how to stay organized.
    An organized pantry takes a lot of the stress out of holiday cookie and food prep. Every kitchen deserves a nice pantry. The 360 Organizer Pantry system takes it one step further with rotating pantry shelves that keep everything easy to access.
  3. Have a Plan for the Kids

    Help your kids stay organized as well with some well-planned activities. With the schools closing for weeks at a time due to Thanksgiving and winter break, your children are bound to have some downtime. Don’t let them just veg out in front of the TV and video games. Be prepared with fun activities that will keep them busy, happy, and out of your hair.
    children making a gingerbread house
    Building a gingerbread house is a fun activity for children of all ages that can be done either independently or as a group. Be prepared with an easy kit from the grocery store that you can pull down from your pantry shelves in a pinch. The same concept works well for cookie decorating and holiday craft kits.
  4. Wrapping Paper Station

    Face it — the holidays involve a lot of gift giving and receiving. Stick to your gift list and buy ahead of time. Plan in advance with a wrapping paper station and central area to store the gifts before they are passed out to friends and family.
    A wrapping paper station keeps the holiday gift giving organized
    Buying gifts for everyone on your list is frequently cited one the more stressful parts of holiday traditions. Take your stress levels down a notch by being ultra-organized. A gift wrap station like the one pictured here can help you stay organized and calm. Image and project curtesy of our parent company, Closet Works LLC.
  5. Get Ready for Overnight Visitors

    Whether it’s out of town family coming to stay for the holidays or just the kids wanting a sleepover during their winter break, tis the season for overnight guests. Make it easy on yourself by having temporary beds that are easy to put up and take down. Owning a Murphy bed is the Cadillac solution to quickly and easily transforming any room in the home into a temporary, but private bedroom. That way no one else in the family needs to be displaced by your guests. Put one of these in a home office or rec room and become the most gracious hostess who is always prepared to extend an overnight invitation. However, a sofa bed, or even a blow up mattress can also work.
    holiday organizing tips include being ready for overnight guests
    Holiday organizing often includes being ready for overnight guests. Make it easy on yourself and be permanently prepared with a Murphy bed installation in your rec room or home office.
  6. Beverage Center

    The old saying, “eat, drink, and be merry” is a mantra practiced by many during the winter holidays. Be prepared for entertaining by maintaining a home beverage center. Having everything ready in advance makes it easy to entertain at the drop of Santa’s hat. Guests can help themselves, freeing you to mingle. It also makes it easier to clean up when the party is over if there is a place for everything.
    A wine and beverage center can help you stay organized during parties. This one offers wine storage in the upper cubbies with a refrigerator that holds drinks for the kids below.
    A wine and beverage center can help you stay organized during parties.

Learing how to keep organized during the holidays will reduce stress.

Everything is easier when you’re organized: Do you dream about the perfect holiday season to bring your family together? Of course, the reality of the holidays is often chaotic, crazy and complicated. However, if you make a list, set a routine, have a plan for the kids, set up a wrapping paper station to take some of the stress out of gift giving, prepare ahead for the inevitable overnight guests, and set up a beverage center to help with spur of the moment entertaining, the holidays are bound to come off without a hitch.

The holidays are supposed to be a fun time to enjoy family and friends. Sit back and enjoy the season by following these six tips to ensure a happy, healthy, and organized holiday this year.

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