Hats keep you warm; protect your face from the sun; and sport your pride for your favorite teams all year. You invest a lot of money in your favorite ball caps, beanies, and hats, so it’s important to store them in a manner that protects them and lets you find them quickly and easily as you’re heading out the door. Here are some suggestions for how to organize hats in a closet and other hat storage ideas.

Learn how to hang hats in a closet.

Hanging hats is a simple, easy, and inexpensive hat storage technique. It saves money since it relies on new ways to use items that might already be in your home:

  • Repurpose hanging shoe organizers. Shoe organizers should really be called simply “organizers” because they can neatly arrange so many more wearables than just shoes. Roll your beanies, winter caps, gloves, and scarves — and tuck them securely into each shoe compartment.
  • Try pants hangers with clips. Pant hangers are one of the most versatile closet tools ever invented because they have so many uses. When it comes to headwear, attach the pant clips to the brims of your sunhats or the adjustable straps of your ball caps.
  • Use clothes hangers. Everyone has hangers in their closet. Give yours another use. Simply place the adjustable band of your ball cap around the hook and place the hanger back on the rack.

Consider strategies on how to organize your hats without hanging them.

how to organize hats using a drawer
Don’t worry if you don’t have an empty drawer to organize your hats and caps because you can always retrofit the Engage soft cloth drawer into any standard closet shelving section.

You may not have empty closet hanging space that can be used for headwear. But that’s no problem because there are numerous other ways to safely store your hats and caps:

  • Reserve a dresser drawer. This is a good way to protect sunhats and other large-brimmed hats from being crushed. Go the extra mile by stuffing the crowns with tissue paper. Nest ball caps together to save space.
  • Hang hats on the wall. This is a fun way to display a hat collection — especially if it includes vintage hats or other interesting fashion designs.
  • Display hat boxes. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, just about every hat purchased came with its accompanying hat box. The boxes were used to store one’s favorite hats and keep the expensive hats safe while traveling. Today, antique hat boxes are used for storage and display. Use these unique Victorian designs as attractive room décor in addition to storage. 
  • Put them in a purse cabinet. If you already have storage for your expensive handbags in your closet, that purse cabinet can be an excellent place to store your headwear because everything will be well protected from dust and damage.
  • Use a wig stand or small mannequin. Since wig stands are shaped like human heads, they’re perfect for holding hats. The less expensive ones are made of Styrofoam, but you can also find sturdier models that are made of plastic and covered in felt.
Closet with a mannequin wearing a fun cap.
Try using a wig stand or a fun mannequin like the one shown in this closet to showcase your favorite hats!

We hope you’ve found some good ideas on how to store hats in a closet!

Corner of walk-in closet with decorative hat boxes on top shelf.
Use decorative hat box as an attractive, safe way to store your best hats. If you don’t have a vintage box to use, create your own with wrapping paper, glue, and lace trim.

Don’t simply toss your favorite caps and hats into the abyss of your coat closet shelves because they can get crushed, damaged, and hidden. Consider one of these many creative ways to store hats. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Let the ideas here get you started on a complete hat organization strategy.

Go beyond just learning how to organize hats in a closet. Organizing your closets and other storage spaces is like organizing your life. The benefits become obvious once you give it a try. That’s because you’ll save time by quickly finding the clothes, shoes, accessories, or craft supplies you need — instead of wasting time shoving items aside.

When it’s time to organize your space, contact our design experts for a free consultation. Complete our form and we will design a custom closet layout especially for you. Or supply your own drawings and we will create a 3D rendering of your dream closet.

Closets wall with baseball caps hanging on hooks.
Why not put every inch of your closet to use? This closet uses the wall behind the closet door to display a collection of baseball caps because the space isn’t deep enough for other closet organizers. Even though the closet door opens within inches of the wall, there’s enough room to organize an extensive hat collection. If you have an empty section of wall in your closet that can’t be used for regular closet organizers, install hooks. Put the space to use!
Closet cabinet shelves displaying a big hat, purses, and folded sweaters.
Use a cabinet inside the closet to protect your designer headwear and handbags because the cabinet door will protect from dust and damaging UV rays.

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