Home organization can save time, increase productivity, and help reduce stress and anxiety. However, some areas of the home are often overlooked in regular cleaning and organization processes. One of these areas is your bathroom. Learn how to organize bathroom cabinets to alleviate this situation.

Bathroom cabinets tend to be overrun by half-used lotions, dried-out makeup products, and expired medicines. Getting rid of unused items and organizing your bathroom cabinets can help streamline your morning and nightly routines, making for a better day and a better night’s sleep.

Use the following organizational ideas to transform your bathroom cabinets from cluttered to coordinated.

How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

You’ll need time and motivation in order to organize your bathroom cabinets. If you take time to assess what you have, clean your cabinets, and reorganize, it should help you maintain this organization longer.

1. Completely Empty the Cabinets

The first step to organizing your bathroom cabinets is to empty them and see what you have. Lay all your products and other bathroom items in the open, so you can easily see everything.

Start by throwing away any expired products you don’t use. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of any items you haven’t used in more than a year. Donate or gift any brand-new items that you know you’ll never use.

Completely emptying your bathroom cabinets gives you a fresh start for superior organization.

Bathroom sink with open cabinet

2. Categorize

Emptying all your items onto the floor, a table, or the comfort of your bed allows you to organize them before putting them back in the cabinets.

Group all your products into categories, such as hair supplies, skincare, makeup, bathing items, and more. Use baskets, boxes, jars, and other containers to store items within the same category together. Use wire or clear baskets and bins for items you use daily. This makes them easier to see and access. Towels, toilet paper, and fabric items can be stored in fabric bins if desired.

3. Clean

Empty cabinets are drastically easier to clean, and they tend to be neglected areas. Use a vacuum to remove lint, hair, and other debris, then thoroughly wipe down the walls and base of the cabinet. Wait until drawers and cabinets are dry before placing any products inside.

Bathroom cleaning supplies near toilet.

4. Make Any Renovations

Now is the time to make any changes to your cabinets or storage areas. You may want to add risers or pull-out shelves to make items more visible and easier to access. Removing drawer fronts or adding shelves can create open storage spaces that can showcase your quality storage baskets, towels, and more.

Open cabinet with rolls of toilet paper organized in wire baskets.
Consider organizing your extra rolls of toilet paper on open shelves with wire baskets. That way they’re easy to access but stay neat.

5. Consider Other Storage Areas

Throughout this process, you may realize that much of your clutter build-up is due to a lack of space. Consider storing extras or items you use less often in another area, such as a linen closet or dresser drawer. Use boxes and baskets to organize like items in this new storage area, too. Label the boxes to show the category of items inside.

Linen closet with pull-out shelves used for toiletries.
If you’re having trouble with how to organize bathroom cabinets due to space constraints, store some of your excess bathroom supplies like extra shampoo bottles in the linen closet.

How to Organize Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes can be tricky to store. You want to keep them accessible and clean. If you’ll be keeping them in a medicine cabinet or on the countertop, choose one jar or cup solely for toothbrushes.

If they’re kept in a drawer, place your toothbrushes on an acrylic tray. This should help separate toothbrushes from other items, keeping them clean and preventing toothpaste from getting all over the interior of your drawer.

Accessories organize bathroom cabinets and countertop.

How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets Cleaning Supplies

Keeping bathroom cleaning supplies in the bathroom can be convenient and a helpful reminder. However, they may be adding unnecessary clutter to your bathroom storage spaces.

Place all bathroom cleaning supplies in one container. Store them in a linen closet, laundry room, or another convenient storage place. This way, your bathroom cleaning supplies should be easier to grab on cleaning day when it’s all in one place.

Keep one pack of disinfectant wipes accessible within the bathroom for frequent wipe downs of the toilet seat and sink areas.

Bathroom cabinets with lysol wipes inside.

Medicine Cabinet Organization Ideas

A medicine cabinet is a place you probably frequent for your most-used bathroom items. That’s why it might become messy in a flash. Small, acrylic organizer trays can be useful here. They help you separate items such as toothbrushes and dental floss from nail clippers and cotton swabs.

Your medicine cabinet may also hold prescription or over-the-counter medications. Use pill organizers for any family members who take multiple medications daily. Large pill bottles can be moved to another safe storage area, or you could put these products in smaller, refillable bottles with labels.

Under-Sink Storage Organization

Open bathroom cabinet with organized cleaning supplies gathered into bucket.
Keep loose bottles organized by organizing them in containers. This bucket is a simple way to corral cleaning supplies. It makes it easy to move them where you need them.

An important step in the bathroom organization process is to organize the bathroom cabinet under the sink. This area is often cluttered with extra toilet paper rolls, shampoos, bathroom towels, and cleaning supplies.

Organize the area under the sink by category. Place bath products in one container and toilet paper in a separate basket. Consider removing any towels from this space to a linen closet or other nearby storage area. The area under the sink is compact and often doesn’t allow linens enough space to breathe.

Consider adding shelves to your under-sink storage space to double or triple the number of items you can keep inside. However, be aware that the more items you add, the more essential it becomes to keep them categorized and separated.

Let the Experts Help

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