Let’s face it. For many of us, closet space is limited. A well-designed closet with organizers can maximize the space and get you up to twice as much storage. But if your closet is very small, that might not be enough. That’s why decluttering and organization go hand-in-hand. You really can’t get one without the other. Learn how to declutter closets and gain space with these simple tips.

Tips to clearing out closet clutter:

Keeping your small closet free from clutter involves a lot of self-discipline. But you can do it! And it’s not as hard as you might think. The secret to success involves these simple concepts: keep only the things you are currently wearing this season in the closet; purge old, worn out, or unused items on a regular basis; only keep clothes that currently fit and suit you; use closet organizers to maximize space. Once you get a system going, set a routine and stick to it. You’ll be surprised at how much room you really have!

Rotate Closet Contents Seasonally

This is essential for decluttering tiny closets. No matter how many closet organizers you have, if your closet is a small, you won’t have enough space unless you rotate seasonally. Many condo associations offer on-site storage facilities. Single-family homes can look to the basement or attic. You can even try storing certain items under the bed. But even if you don’t have any of these available, there are outside storage facilities that will rent you the needed space.

The key to rotating your clothes successfully is packing them away properly for off-season storage. Why let your bulky winter sweaters dominate the closet shelves in summer? Those same shelves could probably be better used for your swimsuit and sun hat. The trick is making sure they are protected from damage while in storage.

  • Clean everything first. Clothes moths and other pests are attracted to body oils and food spills. That means you must either wash them or have them professionally cleaned before you put them away — even if you don’t see or smell any visible dirt at the time of the packing. If any body oils are on the clothes, insects will find a way to them. Also, the dirt will have had time to set in permanently. Make your clothes last longer through proper cleaning.
  • Fold or roll your garments carefully to avoid wrinkles before packing them away.
  • Choose the right container for the items stored: A breathable storage box made of heavy cloth, wood (cedar chest), or cardboard is preferable over plastic for clothing made from natural fibers. Blankets and pillows can be stored in plastic space bags to maximize space. An old suitcase can make an excellent storage container for your off-season clothes if you pack them neatly and don’t overstuff them.
store out-of-season clothes in suitcase on top shelf of closet

Purge Closets on a Routine Basis

Purging your closet may be difficult, but it’s necessary to keep down the clutter. Go through your wardrobe when you are getting ready to store your out-of-season clothes. This biannual event is a good time to decide what you need versus what just sat on the shelf all season and didn’t get used. If you didn’t wear it, get rid of it. Donate the nicer items to a worthwhile charity. Throw away anything that is worn or damaged. There’s no reason to store it if you didn’t wear it.

Purge and sort clothes into piles to declutter closets.
Learn how to declutter closets by setting up a regular schedule to go through everything you have. Get rid of anything you don’t need or haven’t worn in the last year.

Only Keep What Fits

We’d all like to be thinner. But saving old clothes that are too small won’t help you toward a slimmer self. Save the clothes that currently fit. These are the clothes you wear and need. Donate the rest. Even if you do manage to lose some weight, you deserve new clothes as a reward. Celebrate with a new wardrobe.

Do Not Become Emotionally Attached to Your Clothes

Saving clothes so that you can wear them sometime far in the future doesn’t usually work out because things go out of style. You may have had a wonderful night at your high school prom, but that’s not a reason to cling to that old prom dress. You’ll never wear it again. Same for that collection of old bridesmaids’ dresses. They just take up space in your closet that could be better used for clothes you actually wear. Pick your favorite charity and donate instead.

The exception to this rule is the wedding dress. This piece of clothing is special. Many women pack away their wedding dresses and this is perfectly acceptable. But don’t get hooked on the idea that you will someday have a daughter that will wear it to her own wedding. That is not likely to happen. Chances are your daughter will want her own dress for her special day. Your dress becomes a souvenir, like your wedding day photo album. But if the marriage doesn’t work out, get rid of that dress.

wedding dress packed in a storage box.
Pack away your wedding dress and store it on the top shelf of the closet, attic, or someplace out-of-the-way.

Use Closet Organizers to Maximize Space & Help Declutter

It won’t take the place of the periodic closet purge, but a closet that is properly designed using closet organizers can hold up to twice as much as a closet with a single rod and/or wire shelf. Closet organizers increase closet space by utilizing the often ignored vertical as well as horizontal space in the closet. For example, a double hang closet organizer will literally double your hanging space. Shelves for shoes and stacks of folded items make certain that everything remains organized and accessible at all times.

Closet accessories like special racks, hooks, built-in hampers, and ironing boards bring a more organized life for their owner. In addition to storage, they also add a lot of conveniences when wondering how to declutter closets. Having your closets “done” is a way to more organized living as well as decluttered space.

declutter closets with closet organizers to keep everything in order.
Declutter closets by using closet organizers to maximize the space and keep everything organized.

Ready to Start Decluttering Closets in Your Home?

Use these tips to plan how to declutter closets in your house. The bedroom closets are usually the worst in most homes. That’s why you may want to start with those. After all, if you can tackle the big jobs, the smaller ones will seem like a piece of cake. Get your decluttering strategy ready. Watch as it falls into place. Because once you get started with these tips, your home is sure to be decluttered in no time at all.

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