With many families spending so much time together over the last two years, home organization/improvement is sure to top many resolution lists for 2022. And why shouldn’t it? An organized home makes everyone’s life easier. Why not start the New Year out right with a strategy to get your home organized today!

10 Ways to Get Organized at Home.

The start of a new year is always full of resolutions to fulfill a better life. Unfortunately, a lot of these resolutions end up forgotten by mid-February. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The key to realizing your goals starts by choosing ones that are both highly desirable in addition to being attainable . And make sure your success impacts those around you. That way you’re certain to have built-in support along the way. Not sure which home organization goals to choose? Consider these ten ways to get organized that will provide immediate impact on your home life.

1. Clear out a closet.

Closets are the most obvious choice when it comes to home organization. Who among us doesn’t have at least one closet somewhere in the home that could use a makeover?  Creating order from a messy closet is also one of the best ways to experience the immediate benefits of organization — More space. Less clutter. Less stress. Start by assessing what you have. Purge anything you haven’t used in a while. Put the rest back in an orderly fashion. If space is tight, use a closet organization system to maximize what room you have. The key to keeping any closet organized is making sure that each item has a specific place where belongs. When everything fits, it’s easier to keep things picked up and put away.

Smiling woman who decluttered a closet to get organized.

2. First impressions count!

The entrance is the first thing you see when you come home after a long day. It’s not only important for guests, but for family members too. That’s because nobody feels good stepping into a mess of shoes, backpacks, and discarded clothing left at the door. Why not make sure your home is forever tidy with a good backdoor organization system? Convenience is key here. Be sure to provide hooks for jackets and coats since these are much more likely to be used than a coat hanger. Add simple cubbies or shelves for your shoes to keep everyday footwear organized and out of the way. It doesn’t need to hold all your shoes. Rotate seasonally. A bench means a place to sit while pulling them on and off. Baskets, drawers, or even a mail sorter provide further storage because they’re a good catchall for small items like keys or gloves.

Mudroom organizer with blue jacket hanging on hook and gray velvet cushion on bench seating.
Small mudroom seat near back door with hooks for jackets.

3. Organize the kitchen/pantry.

The heart of every home is the kitchen. If it’s organized that is! Most people have a lot of food, dishes, and cookware to store in this room. That’s why many of us are tight on cabinet and countertop space. Especially if you own numerous small appliances, (toaster oven, crock pot, etc.), Pantries help because they add an abundance of convenient storage and organization to any kitchen. No wonder they’re such a coveted item in new homes. But even older homes can have a new pantry. Some families convert the old closet near the back door into pantry storage after relocating the coats onto more convenient hooks. A breakfast nook can also sometimes handle extra pantry storage in the form of a new wardrobe closet against one wall. Keep this pantry organized with pull-out racks and sliding baskets. Consider rotating shelves to keep numerous small jars, cans, etc. up front and accessible.

Large pantry closet with organizer racks.
This previous coat closet is now a functional pantry off the kitchen.

4. Declutter and set up a home office space.

Once upon a time, the home office was a feature seen only in large, luxury homes for business executives and their families. But not anymore. COVID changed all that. Today, every home could use at least one home office. Many households need more than one. That’s because they end up being used by working adults and school-age children alike. To accommodate an organized workstation for everyone, many families turn to dual purpose spaces. For some family members, a desk in the bedroom may suffice. However, this solution may not work for everyone. When you run out of rooms for your office, a hidden, pull-out desk and cabinet system or a converted closet/cloffice can convert any space into a custom home office.

Hidden pull-out desk with storage in entertainment center
This entertainment center includes two large, pull-out shelves that function as hidden desks. Drawers hold files while the cabinet disguises a desktop computer.

5. Make the most of your garage storage potential.

If you are lucky enough to have a garage, then you probably already know that it can easily turn into the biggest closet in the house — and a messy one at that. But garages are also a boon to organization because they offer an abundance of additional storage opportunities. Optimizing all four walls plus the floor and ceiling will free up space inside the home. But you need the right organizers. Heavy-duty garage shelves will offer easy access to most items. Add a locked cabinet to safely store fertilizers, pesticides, automotive fluids, or anything that could be hazardous to pets or children. Wall track systems allow hedge trimmers, toys, hand tools, and more to be hung from the wall as easily as you’d hang a coat on a hook. Use the ceiling to suspend bicycles, ladders, surf boards, and big platforms that organize your seasonal storage bins for holiday decorations.

Custom storage in the garage
Garage storage with cabinets, bike hoist, pull-out baskets, wall track, and more

6. Cut the kid’s clutter.

Kid’s clutter consists mainly of toys, dolls, games, and even clothing that haven’t been put away. Children are notorious for leaving their things out wherever they happened to have last used them. Encourage them to clean up after themselves by making it easy and convenient. Install storage organizers at their eye level. Low cabinets and shelves can hold plenty of bins and boxes to corral the clutter. Use bright, happy colors for your storage containers to keep the space playful and fun. Children who learn to put their things away now are at an advantage for the rest of their lives. The organization habits they develop while young often lead to better grades in school and success later in life.

Entertainment center with storage to cut clutter and get organized in playroom.
This basement entertainment center includes cabinet storage to stash the kids’ toys.

7. Get organized with new shelves.

The importance of good shelving can’t be overstated. Shelves form the backbone of all organization, whether it’s in the closet, garage, living room, or other space. And shelves can make your home seem larger. For example, put up some shelves in the kitchen for canisters to clear up countertop space. The added workspace makes your kitchen seem bigger. Likewise, shelves in the closet free up dresser drawers in the bedroom and help to create a calm, orderly retreat. Bookcase shelves add attractive storage to any room. And they aren’t just for books. Use them to display collections of art and memorabilia. Place media components and office supplies on shelves to keep equipment organized. Cover the shelves with cabinet doors or group similarly colored items together to eliminate visual clutter. And if you’re into the minimalist look, floating shelves will add needed storage without closing in the room.

Empty bookshelves surround a patio door in a Chicago high rise.
Built-in shelves surround a patio door leading out to a narrow balcony. The result is attractive while providing a lot of storage for this high-rise condo.

8. Don’t forget about your laundry.

Most people would love to forget about laundry if afforded the chance. After all, it’s one of the most universally hated household chores. Unfortunately, everyone has to do laundry at some point. Usually at least once per week. So we need to make the best of it. Make sure your laundry room is cheerful and uncluttered. This means storage. Laundry cabinets and shelves can provide the needed space. A countertop for folding clean clothes when they come out of the wash can also improve the laundry experience. Small conveniences like built-in ironing boards or laundry sorters add a touch of luxury not often associated with cleaning dirty clothes.

Custom laundry storage cabinets and built-in ironing board.
Custom laundry cabinet storage with folding area and built-in ironing board from closets.com.

9. Increase your bathroom storage.

Most people know that next to kitchens, bathrooms bring the highest return on investment at retail. What most people don’t know, however, is what drives bathroom remodeling. After dated appearance, lack of storage in the bathroom is the second most common problem driving homeowners to a new bathroom renovation. Stay on top of the trend and provide more storage in the form of new vanities, shelves, and cabinets for the bathroom. You’ll get to enjoy it now. Plus you’ll probably get most if not all your money back later when you go to sell. It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it.

Custom bathroom storage vanity and walk-in shower
This bathroom includes a custom vanity designed by closets.com in addition to a built-in vanity table and linen closet (not pictured).

10. Create an exercise area at home.

No set of New Year’s resolutions is complete without a pledge to eat less and exercise more in the coming year. But diets are quickly forgotten. Even worse, that expensive, unused exercise equipment just ends up sitting around and taking up precious space in the corner. It’s a problem — right? Maybe not. Make sticking to your diet and exercise routine easier by setting up a dedicated exercise area at home. Just like the improvements to your laundry area, the exercise space should be bright, cheerful, and convenient. The nicer you make it, the more likely you are to spend time exercising. Put your equipment close to a TV if you like to watch television while exercising. Make sure you’re near a window if you like to dream of warmer days when you can exercise outside again. The key is making it a space you want to spend time in.

This home gym storage system helps the owner get organized and exercised.
Get organized and exercised with a home gym and storage system like this one.

Resolve to get organized this year!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a child or an adult. It’s never too early or too late to get organized. And good organization practices need to start at home. Get into the habit now and the positive results are sure to spill over into other areas of your life and the lives of all your family members. It’s a win-win for everyone. And all it takes is a good plan and the commitment to follow through on your resolutions. Start here for the plan to get organized. And if you need help getting any organization or storage systems in place, the designers at closets.com are always ready to help.

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