Built-ins can provide a lot of welcome storage anywhere in the home. But when you’re looking for ideas for a quasi-public space like your family room, you want something special. After all, it is an area where you are likely to entertain guests. It is also an ideal project for the handy homeowner. Read on for family room built-in cabinets ideas that add a ton of storage, look great, and are DIY friendly.

Family room built-in cabinets are a great solution to your storage problems. They offer a way to organize a plethora of what would otherwise be clutter. They are also multifunctional. Use them for display as well as storage. Add a cubby for a desk and they’ll convert into an extra home office when needed. Organize your television and media components for a home theater experience. The possibilities are endless.

Three family room built-in cabinets ideas that look great, solve storage problems and are DIY friendly.

1. Entertainment Center Wall Unit with Cabinets

Entertainment center and family room built-in cabinets
Entertainment center and family room built-in cabinets add storage while providing organization for media components like the TV. See more about this project on our parent company website, closetworks.com.

Television is often a focal point of family activity. That means you need an attractive way to organize and present your TV plus and any associated media components like cable boxes, Blue Ray, etc. No one likes wires running all over the place or TV components scattered willy-nilly across the room. Build your main TV cabinet with storage that is 20-inches deep on the bottom. Be sure to cover the lower storage area with cabinet doors to hide messy electronics. Shelves can sit on top, but don’t forget to leave an open area to mount the TV. Don’t build the shelves more than 14-inches deep or your flatscreen TV will look like it’s sitting in a cave.

Make sure your family room functions as more than just a place to watch television. Do this by adding additional built-ins on either side of your media center to hold books for reading, cabinets with board games, etc. Simple shelving units like these are readily available in stock or custom configurations. These wall units that flank the center TV cabinet should only be 14-inches deep. The difference in depth between upper and lower storage components adds visual interest while preventing the wall unit from overwhelming the room. And while you’re at it, why not take the time to trim out the top with crown moulding? It’s one of the little extras that will give your finished piece a professional look.

2. Home Office & Media Center Combo

Family room built in cabinets with TV compartment, desk and office storage.
White family room built-in cabinets with TV compartment, desk, and office storage. See more about this project on our parent company website, closetworks.com.

The need to have your own home office is greater these days than ever before. Work from home (at least part of the time) is here to stay. So is e-learning for our children (you can say a permanent goodbye to snow days). But what if you don’t have a spare bedroom or even an empty closet to convert into a separate home office? Don’t worry. You can design your family room built-in cabinets to combine entertainment and work from home needs.

Think about adding a built-in desk with storage cabinets to one side of your TV/media cabinets. It makes a great place for the kids to do crafts and homework without feeling isolated from the rest of the family. But remember, a 48-inch-wide work surface and 30-inches of empty space for legroom is recommended. That way the desk can be used comfortably by adults and kids alike.

3. Family Room Built-In Cabinets with Fireplace

Family room built in cabinets with fireplace
These family room built-in cabinets with a fireplace in the center provide floor-to-ceiling storage. Use them for toys, books, and more. The simple design is easy for the DIYer to install. See more about this project on our parent company website, closetworks.com.

Surround your family room fireplace with built-in cabinets and shelves. The extra storage is a great way to store books, toys, and more. And there are added benefits as well. Beyond functional, it’s a classic look that will never go out of style. They tend to draw focus to the fireplace like a frame around a picture. They will even add resale value to your home when done well.

Just as with your TV entertainment center, you should design the lower cabinets and drawers to be deeper than the upper shelves. Tip: Design each shelving section of the wall unit to be no more than 30-inches wide. This will prevent sagging. You can always line up multiple 30-inch units next to each other if you need to cover a larger wall.

Built-in cabinets for the family room are a project you can build yourself.

Family room built-ins install just like floor-based closet systems. One of the most DIY friendly ways to assemble them is by using a suspension rail that is anchored to your home’s studs. Hang the vertical panels from the suspension rail using suspension brackets. Any shelves or horizontal components can then be attached to the vertical panels. Your lower cabinets sit on a 3-inch base and are also attached to the wall. If you use a suspension rail to support your system in this manner, the entire wall unit is supported by your home’s studs. It’s a very strong way to build the cabinetry and can hold a lot of weight. For more information and tips on construction techniques, read our closet installation manual. For help with design and drawings, use our online design tool or request assistance from our free design service.

Family room built-in cabinets are great for providing extra storage around the home. Use them to organize your TV entertainment center and as a way to frame your fireplace. Visually, they can declutter a room without having to get rid of anything. They are so versatile; an extra home office or workstation can be built into the design. This is a project that many homeowners could use. If you’ve tried it, we’d love to hear about your experience. Just let us know by using the comment form below.

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