When people mention their “wardrobe” they’re usually referring to a collection of clothes. But a wardrobe can also be the cabinet in which the clothes are stored. A custom wardrobe closet is a cabinet that has been designed and constructed to fit the exact measurements of the home and the homeowner’s clothing. They are usually built-in rather than freestanding. And one of the main benefits is that it adds a lot of permanent storage to a home without having to do any major remodeling.

Do I Need a Custom Wardrobe Closet?

Do you find yourself tight on closet space even after a major cleanout? Is your bedroom closet simply too small for your needs? If you answered yes to either of these questions, a new custom wardrobe closet may be right for you.

There are a lot of reasons people run out of closet space. You may live in an older home constructed during a time when people owned fewer clothes. Possibly, you’ve recently combined households with a new spouse or added another child to the family. In either case, congratulations, but you probably need more closet space. A new wardrobe closet custom-designed to fit the style and size of the home is the easiest way to get more storage.

4 Good Reasons to Build a New Wardrobe Closet

  1. You Live In an Old House

  2. New custom wardrobe closet for Old Victorian House
    Two new wardrobe closets were added to the master bedroom of an historic Victorian farmhouse. The style and trim used on the closets blend in with the original crown mouldings and other historic features found throughout the home.

    Many people love the warmth and ambiance of a historic home. One thing no one likes, however, is the closets (or lack of) usually found in these old houses. They simply weren’t built with the needs of a 21st-century lifestyle in mind. A new wardrobe closet can be the answer! Freestanding armoires and wardrobes were the norms long before built-in wall closets were even invented. A new custom wardrobe can fit right into an older building. The trick is to match the trim and finish of the older pieces used elsewhere in the home. Think of modern storage in an antique package. With a good closet design, no one will even guess it’s not original.

  3. You Are Combining Households

    Wardrobe closet for new bride fills a whole wall in bedroom
    A new custom wardrobe closet for the new bride in covers an entire wall in the bedroom. The original small reach-in closet used by the husband can be seen in the background.

    When you combine households, there’s never enough closet space. When it comes to closet storage, what’s good enough for one is not always good enough for two. We’ve even heard sage advice that the secret to a successful marriage is separate closets! After all, you’ve pledged to build your lives together, not to share your clothes. Dresses, skirts, slacks, workout wear, intimate apparel, sweaters, blouses, and of course shoes — a woman’s wardrobe can be substantial. When you’re moving in together, why not make the transition smoother by providing plenty of closet space for both partners. A custom wardrobe closet can be just the thing to help you start your new lives together.

  4. You Live in a Modern, Industrial, Loft Apartment

    Modern wardrobe closet provides storage in the bedroom nook of an industrial loft-style apartment
    A wardrobe closet was added to provide both storage and privacy in a corner of a loft-style apartment.

    Lofts are stylish and new — the hip, modern way to live. They feature lots of high ceilings and expansive spaces. But they don’t have very many closets. In fact, many “open floor plan” homes lack decent storage space. But don’t let that deter you. If you’ve always wanted to live in a high-style modern loft, then go for it. You can always add the closet space by building a wardrobe. And the advantage of making it a custom closet is that by choosing the right colors and finishes, you can get the exact style to blend in with your urban lifestyle.

  5. You’re Having a New Baby!

    Baby room with a wardrobe closet and changing table
    This baby’s room has a white wardrobe closet set against the wall.

    If your family’s expanding, your closet space probably needs to expand too. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a separate nursery, it’s probably located in the smallest room in the house. Possibly no bigger than a walk-in closet. And it may not have a built-in wall closet of its own. That’s where a new wardrobe closet comes to the rescue. It needn’t be large or take up a lot of room. But a wardrobe closet with some hanging space for adorable baby clothes, plus shelves for boxes of diapers, blankets, bibs, and other supplies will make big difference in your ability to stay sane and organized during the early months.

    Bringing a new baby into the family is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a couple. But let’s face it. It’s also a lot of work. There are bound to be sleepless nights and tiring days ahead. Why not make things just a little easier with a custom wardrobe closet for baby? After all, everything is just that much easier when you’re organized.

Custom Wardrobe Closet Benefits

You can never have too much storage. Some houses are criticized for having too little closet space, but no one has ever complained that their home has too many closets. If you do happen to have a lot to start, you will always grow into it over time. That is pretty much a guarantee no matter who you are or what size your family may be. The difficulties arise when there is too little closet space, not too much.

Wardrobe closets are an easy and cost-effective solution to providing extra closet storage when there isn’t enough. Whether it’s an old house from a previous century, a super-modern loft built last week, or something in between, all homes can be made more comfortable to live in through the addition of storage space. So, if you need the space, why not also make it look good? A custom wardrobe closet can be built to match any décor, style, or space. Or any size budget for that matter. Wardrobe closets can contain drawers, pull-out baskets, built-in hampers, fancy belt and tie racks, or any closet organizer accessory that can be used in a standard wall closet. A wardrobe closet is, after all, just another type of reach-in closet. The main distinction is that this type of closet is built on the outside of the wall rather than recessed into it like your common wall closet. With so many benefits and no disadvantages, why not add one to your home?

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