Storage doesn’t have to involve tucking your items into a dark room or attic — out of sight and out of mind. Your belongings can be displayed in a manner that is functional and decorative when choosing the right storage and organization products. Let these container storage ideas lead the way to a more organized home.

Storage cubes and organizer units can be used to arrange your possessions in a way that makes them easy to access without clutter. Container and cube storage can greatly enhance a room’s decor when used correctly.

The storage experts at CLOSETS.COM have outlined the benefits of organization and how you can use certain storage items to improve your home and life.

Benefits of Organization

Organization can make your home a safer, more comfortable, and more aesthetically pleasing place to live. However, it can also have numerous positive impacts on your health and the health of anyone else living in the home.

Clutter has been linked to increased stress. Organizing clutter can alleviate stress, make items easier to locate and reduce housework. Other benefits of being organized include enhanced productivity and improved sleep.

Eliminating the constant battle with clutter can leave room to make improvements in other areas of your life — whether through work, fitness, or relationships. The benefits of becoming organized and staying there are numerous.

Storage That’s Decorative and Functional

Many homeowners think of storage purely for its functionality. They may not even know decorative storage items exist. Cube organizer units and fabric storage cubes are versatile, affordable, and decorative items that are ideal for many storage dilemmas you may be facing.

You may not want to tuck certain items away into a dingy storage room only to continually retrieve them. Items you want to be stored but don’t want in plain sight can be safely and decoratively kept in cube organizer units and bins.

Storage cubes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and design motifs — so you can choose the ones that suit your home décor and storage areas.

Decorative fabric storage boxes serve as attractive container storage ideas for closet.
Use these decorative fabric storage boxes to keep clutter at bay. They’re extremely versatile and functional. They even collapse flat when not in use. This is one container storage idea you’ll never regret purchasing.

6 Ways to Use Storage Cubes and Cube Organizer Units

There are countless options to use fabric storage bins and cube organizer units within your home — from bedrooms to the garage and everywhere in between. The following are six recommended container storage ideas that are likely to provide even more storage inspiration.

1. Cube Storage for Kids

Areas frequently used by children are often the most disorganized. They may be playing with action figures one minute and switching to video games the next.

Organizing kids’ spaces with storage units can help them learn how to organize storage bins while helping parents keep their sanity. Label each box and require that toys are returned to their correct boxes after play.

Encourage your kids to brainstorm cube organization ideas and put them into action.

Built-in wall unit for kids storage with fabric cube organizers.
This built-in wall unit includes a row of cube storage along the bottom. Cute, decorative fabric storage bins enhance the functionality while providing a place to stash small toys. Why not add one to your child’s bedroom?

2. Cube Storage in the Entertainment Room

Your TV may be in the living room or in a special entertainment room. A TV often comes with an abundance of other items — including video game systems, movies, remotes, and additional cords. A small cube organizer unit can make an ideal TV cabinet with plenty of space to keep items out of sight but easily accessible.

Cube organizer units work well for other forms of entertainment, too. They can store records, books, board games, and more. Add fabric storage cubes if you want items to be disguised. Or keep the items visible for easier access. Cube storage ideas for the living room can extend into displaying décor items or storing blankets for movie night.

Floating cube-style wall unit with TV and hidden compartment for wires.
Consider a contemporary floating cube-style media center like this. A large cube holds the television. Use the additional storage cubes to accommodate small electronics, books, games, and decorative items. Wires are hidden because this wall unit includes wire management cabinets below the TV.

3. Cube Storage Ideas for the Bedroom & Bath

Cube organizer units could be extremely useful in bedrooms. Larger units can help organize clothing while smaller ones make ideal nightstands. Or use them for towels and more in the bathroom.

Purchase and assemble cube organizer units may in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your bedroom items. Leave space between cubes for hanging items or add drawers and fabric storage cubes to keep some items more discreet. A cube organizer unit can easily create an entire closet.

Small en suite bathroom with cube storage unit used for storing towels.
Try a cube storage unit for towels. Just roll them rather than fold. Cubes are great organizers for small bathrooms because they don’t take up much space. Mount them to a wall or use them on the floor. They’re a great substitute for cabinets because of their versatility. Linen closet storage is never a problem when you have one of these.

4. Add Cube Storage in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequented areas of the house. The amount of activity and number of items needed in the kitchen makes cluttering it easy. Cube organizer units can help you store kitchen appliances or securely display plates, bowls, glasses, and more. Place unique décor items in some cubes to add a bit of decorative flair.

Cube organizer units and storage cubes are especially useful in the pantry. That’s because they can help you store additional kitchen items, snacks, canned foods, spices, and more. A cube organizer unit can even create a bar. Use it to display your favorite hard beverages or keep them tucked away in storage cubes.

Wall of wine storage in cubes with cabinets and serving bar below.
Are you a wine lover? Use a wall of wine storage like this one to organize and store your favorite beverage. This custom wine wall storage uses a system of cubes to hold 332 bottles. The cubes keep the corks from drying out because bottles are stored horizontally. And away from direct sunlight. Cabinets with a serving bar below the cube storage complete the set-up.

5. Organize the Office with Container Storage Ideas

The home office is often a constant struggle to keep organized. Paperwork accumulates. Office supplies might overtake a desk — no matter how large. That’s why you should use storage cubes to organize paperwork. Separate items into categories much like a file cabinet. Other cubes can hold office supplies. That way, they’re within reach but not always visible.

Home office with close-up of desk and built-in storage.
This home office includes cube storage above the desk. Storage boxes for CDs fit neatly inside.

6. Cube Storage Throughout the Garage

When you don’t know where to store something, it probably goes to the garage. This can amount to excess clutter. It eventually gathers dust and becomes too overwhelming to organize. Combat the inevitable garage clutter dilemma with cube organizer units and fabric storage cubes. Use these cubes to organize outdoor gear, shoes, tools, sporting goods, automotive supplies, and more.

Set up several storage organization containers for areas in the garage. One unit may be designated for sporting goods and kids’ outdoor gear while a separate unit organizes tools and items you may not want children to access.

Cube storage with fabric storage bins for the garage.
Try this container storage ideas in your garage. These shelves use fabric storage bins to organize every room in the home.

Use these container storage ideas to make organizing easy!

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. That’s because companies like CLOSETS.COM make it easy! Closet organization systems and closet organizer accessories from CLOSETS.COM are made from top-quality, furniture-grade materials. That’s why people love them! Use them to help organize your home while adding special design touches to any room.

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