When people decide to renovate their homes, they usually start with high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom. What they don’t realize is that the closets are a hidden gem when it comes to giving your home a much-needed upgrade. Whether they’re in the hallway or bedroom, for linens, coats, or clothing, closets are an integral part of home storage. Here is a closet remodeling guide, complete with closet remodeling ideas and planning and design tips.

Why Should You Remodel Old Closets?

Many people have concerns with “breaking ground” on new construction or investing in a home renovation project — especially for a small closet space. Some people might think that what you see is what you get when it comes to closets. However, even the smallest shoebox can be optimized.

Many people wonder, “Do custom closets increase home value?” to which the answer is usually yes. However, if you’re on the fence about a closet renovation, remember that there are several benefits to starting the project.

Redoing a closet:

  • Boosts home value: Investing in a home often creates a higher return on investment when it’s time to sell. Newer amenities and features often increase a house’s value.
  • Creates a move-in ready home: Many homebuyers are less interested in purchasing a “fixer upper.” A finished closet is a major selling point for a potential buyer.
  • Increases functionality: Hangers and stacked shoe boxes may not be enough in terms of functional storage. Consider other elements such as drawers, shelves and hooks.
  • Improves aesthetics: Custom, remodeled spaces are often a reflection of the current trends. Swap old-fashioned design for a modern one to create a more appealing home environment.
  • Shows home pride: When potential buyers tour the home, they’re more likely to be impressed when the current owner has invested in the property.
  • Optimizes storage: Items require different storage options. When clever storage accessories are added to a closet, it creates the potential for more capacity in the room.
  • Simplifies the morning routine When everything has a place, daily routines become easier to manage because less time is spent searching for items.
  • Highlights your style: The best part about a custom closet is that it can be made to your liking. Show off your style and have fun with your dream closet!
walk-in closet closet with custom built-ins for storage
This walk-in closet features many custom built-ins for storage. The space has been planned to organize the owner’s possessions. This streamlines the morning routine. And the design adds more capacity to the closet. The finished closet presents a clean, transitional look that blends with the rest of the home’s décor.

How to Plan for a Closet Remodel

If a closet remodel seems like the next step in your house renovation plans, there are several factors that should be considered. It’s important to look at a closet remodel differently than an average spring clean-out. It requires more time, energy, manpower, and research. Here are some tips to consider before getting started:

  • Determine the budget. There are many components to the project. They include including storage systems, tools, physical labor, and more. Figure out how much you can afford first.
  • Make sure it’s clean. For any installation project, start with a blank canvas. Use this opportunity to declutter and donate any unused items.
  • Secure professional help. Contractors, painters, custom closet designers, and other professionals can help ease the stress of planning the details of your closet.
    Closet remodel planning
  • Create a design plan. Measure the space, choose which accessories will be needed and think about the four major areas: walls, ceiling, floor and door.
  • Take note of the inventory. Is your jewelry always getting tangled? Do shoes take most of the closet’s capacity? Make sure the new space is created with your current belongings in mind.
  • Don’t forget the closet lighting. Many closets don’t have electrical outlets. That’s why built-in closet LEDs and other lighting can completely change the functionality of the room.
  • Opt for functionality over luxury. Luxurious options are not always the most practical. Although there should be compromise, try to be realistic about your choices.
    Happy woman standing in front of her DIY closet

Other Considerations

The scope of the project makes a difference on how best to proceed. Depending on the size of the space, there are other decisions that matter in the design process. For example, for people who are handy with a hammer, a DIY renovation could be the solution.

Use DIY to save money. Plus you won’t have to deal with strangers entering the house. Local home improvement stores offer lots of equipment to put everything together in a way that appeals to your exact preferences.

Another closet renovation alternative is to choose a prefab wire system. They are very inexpensive. That’s why this type of closet is often a popular choice with builders. Choose this when money is very tight. However, if you have the budget and the vision, a custom closet is usually the best choice. Your custom components — such as built-ins, accessories, lighting, and design — can make or break the design. Consider enlisting the help of a professional. This could go a long way to eliminate the stress of doing the project by yourself.

Whether you’re completing home upgrades with the intent to sell, or you just bought a house and want to increase its overall value, remember that an upgraded closet system can make a large impact on the property.

Woman standing in front of her custom closet dressing room.
This custom closet owner is very happy with her walk-in closet and dressing room. The closet makes a major impact on an owner’s ability to enjoy the home now as well as sell it later.

Invest in Custom Closet Remodels

Update a closet to raise your home’s value, increase functionality, or improve your personal storage space. But remember, this should be done with the right ideas and assistance. Even small decisions and upgrades can make a world of difference.

When the time comes to give your closet a makeover, consider our personal online design tool. If a little more help is necessary, consult with our professional designers to create the closet of your dreams. We’re happy to answer any and all questions. this includes “How much does a closet remodel cost?” and “What exactly can be done to my closet?” Whatever you need, know that CLOSETS.COM has the experience and equipment to help with the project.

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