We all need a good mirror. They allow us to check our clothes, hair, and makeup before heading out of the house. But they can be a design element too. More than just practical, nothing beats the glitz and glamour of a well-placed mirror. They also reflect light, making rooms appear brighter and larger. But what kind of mirror should you get and where should you put it? Inside the closet is a convenient option. Try these seven ideas when you want closet mirrors that are both functional and stylish inside your closet.

7 Ideas for Adding a Mirror Inside the Closet

  1. Mirrors On/As the Door

    Mirrored cabinet door inside closet
    A walk-in closet with an interior cabinet where the outside of the door is also a full-length mirror. Available through our free We-Design service for professional closet design.
    The obvious location for a full-length mirror is the closet door. But it doesn’t have to be the main closet door. You can also have a door inside the closet covering a set of shelves. Use a mirrored cabinet door to make your closet seem larger and brighter. They are a great way to hide clutter in the closet or disguise security features like a closet safe. It’s also a convenient place check your clothes before heading out or the day.
  2. Closet Mirrors add Function to a Built-In Closet Dresser or Hutch

    Built-in closet dresser and island with a mirror.
    A walk-in closet with a built-in closet dresser and a closet island. A mirror is placed above the dresser for convenience. The island and dresser are available through our free We-Design service.
    If you’re lucky enough to have room for a built-in closet dresser, find a spot above it to hang a mirror. You won’t regret it. The convenience can’t be beat. Use a large mirror that spans the length of the dresser or a small unit centered above your custom storage. The choice is yours. A smaller mirror will allow for additional storage to be placed on top of the dresser while a large mirror offers more reflection, more light, and more glitz.
  3. Place a Mirror Above a Vanity Table

    Built-in closet vanity with a mirror.
    Elegant closet with a custom built-in vanity table and a mirror above it. Image courtesy of our parent company, Closet Works.
    Any closet can become an elegant dressing room when you include a built-in vanity table in the design. Place a mirror above the table and use it for makeup, hair, putting on jewelry, or just checking your accessories before heading out. You’ll never tire of gazing into this closet mirror. You can even use the vanity as a desk in a pinch if you need some privacy while working from home.
  4. Behind Shelves or Inside a Cabinet

    Closet display shelves with mirror backing.
    Nothing adds glamour to a closet as fast as mirrors with custom lighting. These glass display shelves have both. The owner uses them to display some of her favorite things favorite things. Image courtesy of our parent company, Closet Works.
    Back your closet shelves with mirrors for a glamorous look! The mirrors reflect your possessions and add extra light as well. Combine them with glass shelves for even more elegance. Whether it was a certain pair of shoes you wore or an antique beaded bag you carried that was handed down by your grandmother, certain possessions bring back special meaning for all of us. Relive some of your favorite moments when you put these possessions on display in your closet. And mirrored shelves are the perfect way to showcase them.
  5. Put Mirrors On the Side of a Closet Island

    Closet island with mirrors on two sides.
    This closet uses a lot of glass and mirrors to provide a bright and elegant feeling. Notice the mirror placed on the end of the closet island. It reflects light and is a great way to check your shoes. Image courtesy of our parent company, Closet Works.
    If you have a closet island, chances are that only one or two sides are used for storage. Attach mirrors on the unused sides. Although low to the ground, they are very practical. These mirrors brighten the space and offer a convenient way to quickly check the effect of your shoes. After all, we all know that shoes can make or break an outfit. And the right ones can even make you look taller or thinner. You’ll want to check that out for sure.
  6. On the Wall as Part of Your Closet Entrance

    Closet entrance with a mirror to separate his side from hers.
    This closet entrance uses a large mirror over the built-in hamper to separate his side from hers. Image courtesy of our parent company, Closet Works.
    This only works for walk-in closets, but seeing a large mirror when first entering the room can set the tone of the entire space. Place it on an unused section of wall or as a way to divide a closet into two separate sections such as his versus hers. This works with small portrait mirrors or full-length closet mirrors. It just depends on the space available.
  7. Use Retractable, Pull-Out Closet Mirrors to Save Space

    Small closet with a slide-out mirror that pivots.
    This small, reach-in, bedroom closet is equipped with a slide-out mirror. The mirror is full-length and pivots so that you can see yourself. The image on the left shows the mirror retracted. It pivots and slips into a slim pocket in the closet when not in use. The image on the right shows the mirror pull-out for use.
    You don’t necessarily need a lot of space or even a walk-in to have a large mirror inside your closet. When space is at a premium but you still want a full-length mirror inside your closet, use a pull-out closet mirror. These mirrors mount against a standard closet panel and use only a few inches of closet space when closed. When you want to look at yourself, the mirror slides out of the closet and pivots for the most convenient view. They come in waist-up or knee-up versions, but you can see your entire body if you just take a few steps back. It’s the best alternative for adding mirrors to the inside of a reach-in or wardrobe closet.

Choose Closet Mirrors

Closet mirrors are one of the best closet accessories you could invest in. It’s something you’ll use every day — probably multiple times per day. They can be large or small. The best size really depends on how you want to use them. And you don’t need to limit yourself to just one. If your closet has multiple cabinet doors, why not make several doors a mirrored door? Put them on the blank sides of a closet island, above a dresser or vanity, behind your shelves, and in the odd corner or section of wall. Mirrors can brighten your mood as well as your closet. They’re one of those accessories that stand the test of time. They will always be popular and in demand. When it comes to closet mirrors, seeing is believing. And you’ll see better with a good mirror.

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