Use closet jewelry organizers to store your everyday, costume, and even your fine pieces of jewelry right inside your closet drawers. They will organize and protect your treasures while keeping them convenient for everyday use.

Closet drawers with velvet liners and adjustable dividers are the best jewelry storage.

So, you’ve amassed an extensive collection of jewelry that you like to wear on a regular basis. Maybe some of it was a gift. Maybe you inherited a few pieces. Some you probably bought for yourself. It doesn’t really matter how you managed to acquire your baubles. The end result is a lot of trinkets to store and organize.

When it comes to caring for our jewelry, we all want the same things. We want it to stay nice and safe. We also want it to be both convenient and accessible so that we can use and wear it. It’s relatively easy to accomplish this. It all comes down to proper storage.

There are a lot of different types of jewelry organizers on the market. Jewelry boxes, earring trees, and ring holders are just a few of the common solutions. These are fine if you have a small amount of jewelry and don’t mind keeping it on a dresser or countertop. If you have a lot, however, you are going to need a better way to organize and keep it all together. One of the best ways to store a lot of jewelry at home is with a dedicated jewelry drawer.

Types of Closet Jewelry Organizers:

Velvet Drawer Inserts

Velvet drawer insert for jewelry
This velvet drawer insert is placed in the top drawer of a closet island. Use it to protect jewelry from getting scratched or tangled. It also keeps it organized.

Closet drawers are a very versatile storage solution. The shallower version of these drawers is perfect for storing large collections of jewelry that you intend to wear frequently. Use velvet drawer inserts in these drawers to protect these pieces from becoming scratched or damaged. The velvet reduces movement of the contents when the drawer it is opened or closed, cradling your necklaces, bracelets, watches, sunglasses, etc. in a smooth, friction free layer of ultra-soft fabric. They are available both compartmentalized and flat.


  1. Velvet jewelry drawer inserts with compartments come divided for different types of jewelry and usually include ring/earring holders.
  2. Flat velvet drawer liners can also be used for jewelry storage. Use this type of liner for larger pieces or when you only plan to keep a few things in your drawer.
Velvet drawer liners for jewelry
Use this flat type of velvet drawer liner to reduce friction and movement when a closet drawer is opened or closed. It will help protect your jewelry from scratches.

Acrylic Jewelry Drawer Inserts with Velvet Liners

If you have a lot of jewelry, you’ll want to try acrylic jewelry drawer organizers with velvet liners. The clear acrylic compartments are adjustable. As a result, it’s easy to customize the size of each compartment to match your individual needs. They also stack, creating the most jewelry storage available per drawer. You can add up to three levels of jewelry storage per drawer with this type of organizer. As an added bonus, the black velvet bottom provides an additional layer of protection. Use it to keep the jewelry from being jostled when the drawer is opened or closed.

Velvet and acrylic drawer organizers for jewelry
Velvet and acrylic drawer organizer for jewelry. This drawer contains two levels of acrylic organizers. The top layer slides back and forth, allowing all the jewelry underneath to remain visible and accessible.

Fine Jewelry Storage Considerations

Precious and semi-precious stones or other fine jewelry require special storage considerations. Many gems scratch easily. They can also become discolored by exposure to chemicals and fumes. Pearls are particularly vulnerable. Keep these pieces in individual suede pouches or the velvet box they came in. You can still store them in your closet jewelry drawer with the acrylic dividers and velvet liners. They just need an extra level of protection to keep them safe.

Pearl necklace in velvet box
This pearl necklace is shown in the satin and velvet box it came in. You can place the box of pearls in the jewelry drawer along with the everyday pieces of costume jewelry.

Jewelry Drawer Sizes

Jewelry drawers for closets are manufactured in standard widths. Design your closet to include 18, 24 and 30-inch wide drawers with a 14-inch depth. Because closet jewelry organizers and inserts are made to fit drawers with these dimensions, it will be easy to add custom jewelry storage to your home. Furthermore, we recommend the relatively small 5-inch height (height of drawer front) when a drawer is going to be used for jewelry.

5-inch drawer for jewelry storage accepts standard jewelry organizers
Because they are the perfect size for storing jewelry, include some 5-inch drawers into your next closet design. Notice how the shallow height of the drawer is comparable to that of a nightstand or bedside table. The upside is that they are so small you will probably have room for several of these. You’ll never run out of room for more jewelry!

Built-In Jewelry Storage

Try adding velvet and acrylic organizers to your closet drawers as a way to keep jewelry neat and organized. You’ll love how easy it is to accessorize when your jewelry is stored in the closet next to your clothes. And they function like an oversize jewelry box built right into the closet! They’re the perfect way to store jewelry, eyeglasses, and other small adornments that set you’re appearance apart. Once you try it, there’s no going back. But seeing is believing. Put a closet jewelry organizer in your own master closet and experience the difference yourself. You’ll be sure to thank yourself for making a great decision and a job well-done.

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