Closet hampers are an often-overlooked accessory. But it shouldn’t be. When designing a closet, we like to think about beautiful organized storage for our nice, fancy clothes. But what about the dirty ones? Everyone has laundry. Avoid seeing the mess by including a built-in hamper for your closet.

Closet Hampers — Don’t overlook this accessory.

The humble hamper is an important closet accessory. No one wants to look at their dirty clothes, but everyone has them. Whites, brights, delicates, perma-press — they all need a place to live between washings. A built-in hamper is a kind of pull-out hamper that is attached to the closet cabinetry. It is better than keeping a traditional laundry basket on the closet floor because it can take care of the storing and sorting of your laundry all at once. Plus, they actually look nice.

5 reasons why everyone should want built-in closet hampers.

  1. Multiple Compartments

    closet hampers with multiple sections for sorting clothes
    These closet hampers tilt-out and have multiple sections for sorting clothes. Each bag has a handle so that it can easily be lifted out of the cabinet and carried to the washing machine.

    Sort your laundry as soon as you create it. Pull-out closet hampers. are available with multiple compartments for sorting your clothes as soon as you take them off. Even small hampers with only one compartment can be used in multiple to separate the laundry from the dry cleaning. Each compartment is a separate bag that can be lifted off the frame so that the dirty clothes can be moved to the laundry room with ease.

  2. Convenience

    Pull-out closet hamper with canvas liner
    Large sliding wire closet baskets can be used as laundry hampers. They attach to the closet panels using side-mount drawer slides. A removable canvas liner with handles makes it easy to carry the full bag of laundry to the washing machine.

    The built-in closet hamper slides out easily when you need it but hides away in between uses. They come with removeable liners or bags with handles for carrying the laundry to the washer on laundry day. All types of pull-out closet hampers offer this feature. However, the sliding wire baskets with canvas liner are very inexpensive. Install more than one to separate your regular laundry from your dry cleaning. These are the same multifunctional baskets used in pantries and other areas of the closet. They mount to the side walls with drawer slides making them very easy to pull in and out when needed.

  3. Hidden

    Pull-out closet hamper with canvas liner
    This tilt out closet hamper with liner is built into the closet cabinets. when closed, you’d never know it was there.

    The built-in closet hamper hides so well it is difficult to see unless you know where to look for it. Not only do they slide away when not in use, but they can be hidden inside a cabinet. Don’t be afraid to use them in quasi-public areas like the laundry area or mudroom next to your back door. With the right door front, the hamper looks like any other cabinet and doesn’t call attention to itself. You get all the convenience with none of the headaches of plastic laundry baskets. Go ahead and put several in your laundry room. No one will know what’s behind the door but you.

  4. Works with All Closet Organizer Systems

    Pull-out hamper retracts inside a walk-in closet
    This pull-out hamper retracts inside a typical walk-in closet. Efficient and discrete, it’s hardly noticeable under the shelves of shoes.

    Closet hampers are designed to fit the standard dimensions of most custom closet organizer systems. They come in 18-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch widths — exactly the same widths as a typical closet section. Pull-out hamper systems use a sliding rack that mounts to the side panels of a closet. The bags or baskets that make up the hamper hang off of this rack. It’s an efficient way to organize dirty clothes without calling attention to them. Use them under your shoe shelves or even a medium hang section of the closet. So simple and easy to use. They help keep the closet neat and tidy looking at all times. The same models can be used in both walk-in and reach-in closets. That makes it easy to put one (or more) in every bedroom closet of your home.

  5. Closet Hampers Are Easy to Install

    A screwdriver and drill are all it takes to install one of these hampers. There are two types of built-in hampers for closets — the tilt-out or the pull-out system. Both types are available with either hanging bags or a wire basket to contain the clothes.

    The tilt-out requires that a wire basket or frame to hang the hamper bags is attached to the backside of a door. The door is then secured to a cabinet using special tilt hinges. A pull-out system uses side-mount drawer slides that attach to the side panels of a standard closet system. Pull-outs do not require a cabinet and are therefore usually less expensive than the tilt style. The slides mount directly to the closet panels with a few screws. If you are using hanging bags, the slides will already be integrated into the rack. With a wire basket, the slides are installed first. Then attach the basket with special clips. Both types are attractive, practical and relatively simple to install.

    Hamper parts for different types of built-in hampers
    Hamper parts for different types of built-in hampers. The tilt-out hamper pictured at the right requires a cabinet door and more hardware to install. The pull-out hampers pictured on the left come mostly preassembled with the slides integrated into the rack. (Not pictured: Wire pull-out hampers are also available and easy to install).

With so many good reasons to use a built-in hamper in your closet, how can you resist? Both practical and attractive, they make life easier. You’ll wonder why you never thought of installing one before.

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