No one likes to iron. Unfortunately, it’s one of those chores that is sometimes unavoidable. You can, however, improve your ironing experience by making it more convenient. Use a hidden, fold-out ironing board to get a handle on touch-ups and wrinkles without leaving your closet. It’s the little details like built-in ironing boards that make the difference between an outstanding closet that helps organize your life or one that’s merely a repository for clothes. 

Built-in ironing boards are one of the little extras that help define the luxury closet experience. Like tilt or slide-out hampers, the extra convenience makes even the worst chores tolerable. And closet ironing boards are usually concealed from view. That’s because there are a lot of ways to hide a closet ironing board. Slip it between your hanging sections, build it into a cabinet, hang it behind a door, or disguise it as a drawer. You won’t see it until you need it. But having it available and always at your fingertips will keep you looking your best without the cumbersome task of retrieving and setting up a full-size board.

Built-in ironing boards for closets are a little smaller than standard ironing boards. That’s because the reduced size allows them to easily fold up into a drawer or closet. Use your built-in ironing board for touch-ups and light wrinkles so that you always look your best. Major projects like pleating your draperies are best left to a professional laundromat or a standard, traditional ironing board and iron at the very least.

Types of Closet Ironing Board Solutions

Tilt-out ironing boards that are built-in to the closet or cabinet.

A tilt-out ironing board folds into a small cabinet or interior alcove next to the vertical panel of a closet organizer. This type of built-in ironing board stores vertically. CLOSETS.COM carries a nice one. The whole unit pulls silently in and out on soft-close, ball-bearing slides. Store it in a narrow closet section about 5-1/2-inches W x 14-inches D x 53-5/32-inches H. Tilt it out to use a fully functional ironing board that measures 38-inches L x 13-3/8-inches W. Although smaller than a traditional board, it’s one of the largest built-in ironing boards available. Fold-down legs support the front of the unit. Overall height is adjustable from 54-inches to 51-5/16 inches. This way you remain as comfortable as possible while ironing. Ironing board covers are also available.

Built-in ironing board for closets stores vertically, pulls out for use.
Custom closet with a built-in, pull-out, pivoting ironing board that fits inside the closet organizer. The iron folds vertically into the closet organizer and is hidden behind a cabinet door when not in use.

Pull-out ironing boards for drawers.

Ironing boards disguised as a drawer are also popular. You need a closet section or built-in dresser that can accept a drawer-style board at your desired ironing height. These units are not real drawers. The fold-up ironing board mounts to a shelf or a set of drawer slides. A false drawer front hides the entire mechanism until it’s time to use it. Then, just flip down the drawer front and slide out the ironing board. The units that mount to a shelf need a closet section that’s 14-inches deep. The type that mounts to drawer slides requires a 20-inch-deep space. Drawer-style built-in ironing boards offer approximately 20-inches of ironing length. They aren’t very big, but many people love the luxury of having an ironing board close at hand that mimics the appearance of a drawer. The size is adequate for light touch-ups or putting a crease on your trousers.

Built-in ironing board looks like a closet drawer.
Walk-in closet with built-In drawer style ironing board. This type of ironing board is perfect for light touch-ups and getting the wrinkles out of ordinary articles of clothing. Drawer-style built-in ironing boards are available as a closet accessory through our professional closet design service.

Wall Mount Ironing Boards

Simpler, wall-mount ironing boards can also be added to a closet. They are considered built-ins, but they are really just ironing boards mounted to a wall with a bracket. Minus legs to support the board, they get their strength by being screwed into the studs. They tilt 90º and store flat against the wall.

Wall mount ironing board
Unlike the other built-in ironing boards, wall mount ironing boards like this one are visible when not in use, but many people like them for their convenience.

Other ways to hide an ironing board in the closet.

Another way to hide an ironing is to hang it behind the back of the door. Though not as glamorous, a simple ironing board holder is the best way to store an ironing board in the closet if you need a full-size surface. A traditional home ironing board is 54-inches long and 15-inches wide. None of the built-in ironing boards will match these dimensions. Even the largest built-in ironing boards will be a bit smaller than a freestanding board. They can’t meet the full size of a standard ironing board because extra space is needed to allow for hinges and slides that fold and hide the product. This means that no matter what type you get, built-in ironing boards will always be a bit smaller. A bonus to behind-the-door solutions is that they are inexpensive and often come with storage for the iron as well as the ironing board.

Closet with ironing board hung from holder behind door
This ironing board is hung on an ironing board holder behind a walk-in closet door. It’s the best way to hide a traditional ironing board if you need a full-size ironing surface.

Use this type of ironing board storage if you press your own shirts on a regular basis or have a lot of other ironing to do. You will appreciate the larger work surface, even though setting up and putting away the board can be cumbersome.

Closet Ironing Boards

Ironing boards, whether the built-in variety or closet door style, add value and functionality to the closet. They making pressing clothes quick and convenient, taking some of the drudgeries out of this dreaded chore. Choose the style that best suits your needs and space. Built-in ironing boards are available in several configurations including:

  • Pull-out ironing boards that fold up and store vertically in narrow closet spaces.
  • Ironing board drawers that fold up and mount to either a shelf or drawer slides. They are typically hidden behind a false drawer front.
  • Wall mount ironing boards that pivot 90 degrees to store flush against an empty section of a wall.

Remember, all three types of built-in closet ironing boards will have a smaller ironing surface than a traditional freestanding model. For heavy-duty ironing needs, go with a standard, full-size board and mount it on a holder behind your closet door or another hidden location.

Source: Built-In Ironing Boards: Add Extra Convenience to Your Custom Closet Storage Solution

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