Wondering which closet improvements will pay off when it comes time to sell your home? The right closet accessories, when used with a well-designed closet organizer system, can impact buyer perception. They might even be a deciding point in the home sale.

We all want to invest wisely when it comes to home improvement. No one wants to waste their time, effort, and money on things that nobody wants. Closets are no exception. You’ve designed a custom closet to maximize storage and now it’s time to add the bells and whistles. A well-designed custom closet with features that buyers crave can bring high ROI at resale. Consider including these six closet organizer accessories to help increase value when it comes time to sell your home.

6 Closet Accessories that Pack a Lot of Punch at Resale

  1. Built-In Closet Drawers

    Custom closet with shoe organizer shelves and drawers
    This custom closet includes shoe organizer shelves and drawers under the hanging spaces.

    Built-in closet drawers are one of the most sought-after features of high-end custom closets. Homeowners use them to organize accessories, underwear, jewelry collections and more right inside the closet. Beyond just a closet accessory, they are often able to take the place of other furniture in a bedroom. Less need to purchase other furniture offsets the high cost of this closet accessory. Closet drawers are usually built and installed at the same time as the rest of the custom closet system. If you just want to add drawers to an existing closet, the Engage collection of soft cloth drawers accented by decorative metal frames offers an easy way to retrofit an existing closet.

  2. Closet Island

    closet island
    This custom closet island adds a luxury feel to the closet. The cost is kept in line by using a laminate countertop and shelves in the center instead of more drawers.

    The closet island is one of the tell-tale signs of a luxury walk-in closet. And when the closet is perceived as luxurious, that perception seems to carry over into the rest of the home. Closet islands usually include a lot of drawers — another selling feature. If you are on a budget, you can consider supplementing the drawers with open shelves and using a simple laminate countertop for the island.

  3. Fold Out Ironing Board

    Fold away built-in ironing board for custom closet
    This custom closet is equipped with a built-in ironing board that folds away when not in use.

    If you want to impress future buyers, add a built-in ironing board to your closet. Even though no one really likes to iron, this closet accessory is in demand. It is easier to set-up and put away than a regular ironing board. Slightly smaller than a standard ironing boards, closet ironing boards are for mostly for light touchups. (Something everyone needs from time-to-time to keep looking their best). They fold away when not in use and need very little space for storage. Two legs support the front of the unit while, the back remains attached to the closet panels.

  4. Shoe Organizers

    360 Organizer Shoe Spinner for organizing shoes
    Bottom of the 360 Organizer Shoe Spinner— a rotating closet shelving system for organizing shoes.

    Are shoes a girl’s best friend? There are a lot of women who certainly seem to think so. Many women feel that honor must remain with diamonds, but even for them, shoes definitely take a close second place. After all, all women love a great pair of shoes. Because of this, shoe organizers are in great demand throughout the custom closet industry. Make your home stand out in the minds of shoe lovers everywhere by including a good footwear storage system in your closet.

  5. Sliding Belt Racks and Other Pull-Out Closet Accessories

    sliding belt rack closet accessory
    This belt rack is on a sliding mechanism that allows it to disappear into the recesses of the closet when not in use. It’s a great way to organize a collection of belts. It’s also good for hanging up your skinny strap purses.

    Accessories make the outfit. That’s why most women have a lot of them. But how can we keep them organized to that we can find what we need when we need it? Sliding racks are the answer when it comes to organization for belts, scarves, and even some purses! The sliding rack closet accessories mount to a vertical closet panel and telescope in and out when needed. They include special hooks made for storing particular wardrobe accessories in an organized manor. No woman ever said no to one of these organizers. From retractable valet poles, tie organizers, scarf holders, and belt racks, these closet accessories are in high demand with the public. You can’t go wrong or include too many of these in your closet.

  6. Built-In Hampers

    built-in hamper system
    This hamper is more than just a place to put dirty clothes. It’s a complete, built-in laundry organizer for the closet. Built on a sliding rack, it hides away when not needed.

    Laundry… we all have it. We all hate it. When it comes to closet accessories for laundry, it’s all about sorting and storing the dirty clothes in a way that eliminates some of the drudgery of this chore. The humble hamper fills the bill, but some do it better than others.

    Many owners of new custom closets are surprised to learn just how much they love their built-in hamper system. It just makes laundry easier. It also looks good, which is a difficult thing to say about a pile of dirty clothes. These units come with either one compartment or two. You are better off buying the one with two sides if it will fit in your design. Two compartments allow soring right in the closet, whether by color, regular wash versus dry cleaning, his versus hers, or some other method. Removeable bags make it easy to transport the dirty clothes to the washing machine or dry cleaner. If you want to make life easier, be sure to include a double built-in hamper in your closet design!

Closets Featuring the Right Closet Accessories Make Your Home Stand Out from the Competition

A custom closet is a sure-fire winner among all types of home buyers. And custom closets that include drawers, an island, built-in ironing board, shoe organizers, sliding storage racks, or built-in hampers leave a lasting impression of luxury that can set one property above another in their eyes. Include custom closets with these types of accessories in your home for future resale, but also so that you can enjoy them now — for yourself. You’ll never be sorry you did. And you eventually get your money back when you sell.

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