There are a lot of benefits of an organized closet. In fact, organizing closets can be a transforming experience that touches every aspect of your life. It will undoubtedly increase your storage space. But there is much more to gain. You’ll potentially save money. You can decrease your stress levels and thus improve your health. Another major benefit is the additional leisure time you’ll have when you don’t have to waste time looking for things.

What can an organized closet do to transform your life?

Everyone has heard claims of how an organized closet can organize your life. But have you ever stopped to wonder how or why this is true? The fact is, there are five major benefits of an organized closet that touch every part of life.

Increased Space

We’ve all heard claims that tidying up the closet will actually increase the amount of available storage. But why is this? You probably learned in high school that mass=density×volume (m=ρV). This formula doesn’t change. No matter what you do, your possessions will still require the same amount of physical space. So how can there be more? The answer lies in how your space is used. For example, consider a square versus a cube. The length and width of a 4×4 square can quickly be filled from edge to edge. However, add height or depth to that square so that your available space is now 4x4x4 and you’ve got four times the area to fill. Closets work much the same way. The secret to increasing space in the closet is to maximize the storage potential of the vertical areas. In a typical closet with a single rod and shelf, the vertical spaces above or below eye level are often ignored and underutilized. It doesn’t matter which room in the home you are working with. Putting that vertical space to good use will see an instant improvement in your available storage. That is exactly what a good closet design does.

An organized closet that creates a lot of extra space.
The benefits of this organized closet include gaining more space through vertical storage, shelving, and double hanging your clothes rods.

More Time

Your closet can save you time. If you add up all the moments and minutes you spend looking for “stuff,” it adds up. One of the main benefits of an organized closet is that you get this time back. And you can spend it any way you like. Think about it. How much time do you spend looking for your work clothes in the morning? If you didn’t have to search, it could mean an extra 10-15 minutes of sleep. How much time do you spend helping your kids or other members of the family find their things? This could all be spent on increased leisure time and hobbies or family fun. And wouldn’t life be better if you didn’t need to spend so much time sorting laundry? Laundry is easily presorted in an organized closet with built-in hampers. From cooking to reading to just plain resting, everything is better when your time is your own to enjoy. Your organized closet can go a long way to making this happen.

Jumping for joy in front of a newly installed organized closet.
This mother and daughter have time to hang out and be happy. Or maybe the benefits of their organized closet just make them jump for joy.

Deceased Stress & Greater Happiness

Mess is known to cause stress. The overwhelming clutter of our lives is one of the chief reasons some people find it hard to relax — ever. But a more relaxed self is often a happier self. Or a more creative self. Or an easier to get along with self. Even a better parent and partner. In a nutshell, one of the benefits of an organized closet is that it can make you a happier person. After all, you’ll have more time with more storage to keep the things you really like at hand.

Happy child playing in front of an organized closet.
An organized closet can bring greater happiness to everyone in the family. When one person is more relaxed and happy the whole family often benefits.

Better Health

You may be wondering, what does your closet have to do with your health? Actually, the answer is quite a bit. We’ve already discussed how decreased stress from clutter can lead to increased happiness. But another benefit of an organized closet is how this translates to better health. It’s simple. According to Harvard Health Publishing and Harvard Medical School, happy, relaxed people are healthier people. And that will permeate every part of your existence, making it easier to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of life. Plus, with all that increased space and time created by the organized closet, you might have room and energy for an exercise bike or other equipment to further improve your health.

Custom closet with a Peloton exercise bike in the background.
This custom closet belongs to someone who keeps fit using the Peloton exercise bike seen in the background.

More Money

An organized closet can translate into more money. How? It’s simple. You’ve probably heard that time is money. You also know that organizing your closet will mean more time for you. Less money is spent on medical problems related to stress. Also, less stress often leads to better decisions and a stronger career. And all this eventually translates to more money in your pocket. But this wealth accumulation occurs over the long haul. However, you can also see short-term gains. Bring in more pocket money when you declutter and host a garage sale. Avoid wasting money on duplicate items because you couldn’t find what you’re looking for. With an organized closet, everything is always at your fingertips.

House Proud

An organized closet is nice to look at. You’ll enjoy it. But so will buyers when it comes time to sell. Plus, chances are that when the closet is organized, so is the rest of the house. All this translates to more money when it comes time to sell. Everyone likes a tidy, well-kept home. No one ever dislikes a home because it has too much storage. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. According to relator Century 21, custom closets are known to bring in one of the best returns on investment.

Happy homeowner standing in front of her custom closet.
This happy homeowner is standing in front of her new, custom, organized closet.

The Lifelong Benefits of Organizing Your Closet

When you organize your closet, you organize your life. It’s a trickle-down effect. One thing leads to another. And the benefits of an organized closet build on each other. But the bottom line is everything is easier when you’re organized. Start with the simple things like organizing your closet. Then watch the snowball effect as one thing leads to another. You find yourself with more space, more time, less stress, greater happiness, improved health, more money, and a home you can be proud of.

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