The first years are the most joyous and hectic in the life of any parent. There’s so much to be done. And the list seems perpetually growing. Your newborn’s closet is the last thing on your mind when you’re expecting a new baby, but its importance increases as the child grows. Why not give yourself a break? Try these baby closet organizer ideas that can make life a little more manageable in those early months. After all, everything is easier when you’re organized.

How to Organize a Baby Closet

One of the rules of good closet design is to create a space that first and foremost serves the needs of its primary owner. But baby closets require special consideration. Infants grow so fast. The contents of a newborn closet will be vastly different than that of a toddler. And the owner of the closet is not the one who will be using it in those early months or years. That’s why the best baby closet organizer ideas center around the needs of the parents, not the child.

Baby closets should be set up to make a parent’s life more convenient. Organization can really help you keep your sanity during the early sleepless weeks. The ideal place for a baby closet is near the diaper changing station. Set up the closet so that you can grab what you need when you need it without having to search. That includes blankets, bedding, diapers, bibs, lotions, toiletries, baby clothes, and anything else other than food that your child uses. You’ll probably be a little short on sleep during the early days and may end up using the closet with your eyes half-closed. These tips can help keep everything on track.

Triple hang the clothes.

Baby clothes are very tiny, but there’s a lot of gear that goes along with having a new child. That’s why you should maximize available storage space for your baby’s things. Since babies are most often given the smallest closet in the home, or perhaps just a portion of another closet, we need to make the most of the space. Use three clothes rods one over the other (a triple hang closet organizer) to limit the amount of closet given to clothes rods. 18 to 36-linear inches should be enough for three rods of infant clothing hung in this manner. This will open up the rest of the closet for other types of baby closet organizers.

Baby closet with Triple hang clothing.
This baby closet demonstrates the use of triple hanging the clothing to use less space and make it more convenient for parents to grab what they need. Triple hang is one of the most efficient baby closet organizer ideas you could possibly implement when it comes to maximizing a small space. Through the judicial use of triple hang, this closet has ample room to accommodate two babies.

Include numerous shelves.

When it comes to the best baby closet organizer ideas, you can’t overdo it on shelves. Add as many as will fit. The more the merrier. Then put those shelves to work storing boxes of baby diapers, blankets, bins with lotions, etc. These same shelves can be used later on to hold a youngster’s toys when the baby gets a little older. As the child grows into a teen, the toys will be easily replaced by shoes and folded sweaters or jeans on those same shelves. Closet shelving is a practical addition for any age and will see a lot of use over the years.

Baby closet shelves towels, blankets, and hygiene products.
This baby closet shelf with towels, blankets, and hygiene products can easily be used later for the toys and folded clothing of an older child.

Baskets or drawers for small items.

Babies are small. It follows, therefore, that many of their clothes and accessories will be very small also. If you can, include a drawer and/or pull-out baskets in your baby closet design. This is the easiest way to corral all the small items and prevent them from getting lost. Drawer dividers will further separate the baby’s belongings and help to keep everything organized. Pull-out baskets are another great organizational tool that offers similar functionality to drawers. Made of wire, they are designed to fit most closet systems and are easy to retrofit. Basket liners are available to keep items from falling through the slats. Although these closet organizers pull forward like drawers, they are more affordable. They’re a great choice for a family on a budget. The large sizes can also double as a built-in closet hamper.

Baby closet with pull-out baskets and drawers for small items.
Use pull-out baskets and drawers for small items in your baby closet.

Add hooks for convenience.

Hooks are one of the most convenient accessories for any type of closet. In a baby closet, use them for holding bibs, a receiving blanket, small toys, or anything with a loop so that it that can be hung. Hooks make everything easy to grab and go when you’re in a hurry — an important consideration when Baby is fussy or needs attention.

Baby closet with several hooks storing bibs.
The owner of this baby closet is using hooks as a convenient place to store bibs.

Keep everything adjustable.

If there’s one general rule about babies, it’s that they grow fast. But a closet system is an investment of sorts. It takes time and money to set it up. that’s why you want it to last. Make sure Baby’s closet can grow with them. Do this by keeping all your closet components adjustable. That way you can move things around and increase or decrease spacing as needed. It’s the best way to ensure your baby closet can be used from infancy through the teen years and beyond.

A closet with a full-bore hole pattern is best for babies. That means you will have rows of unused holes on the insides of your closet panels. Use the extra holes to move closet rods, shelves, and baskets as needed. All these components are attached with pins that fit into the holes. Each shelf needs four of these — one for each corner. Adjustable shelf pins come in two types. There are standard pins and pin-in-place. The standard pins are the type you probably have in your kitchen cabinets and elsewhere in the home. They are simply small, cylindrical pieces of metal that fit into the panel hole with a short, flat section that extends beyond the hole to support the shelf. The whole thing is only about 1/4-inch long and they are very easy to move.

Pin-in-place shelf pins are also very easy to move around. However, rather than a simple cylinder, they are designed with a couple of extra wings that prevent a shelf that is set upon them from tipping. Use this type of shelf pin in all your children’s closets. It’s safer. If a young child ever tries to climb the shelves like a ladder to access something out-of-reach, the shelves won’t tip and collapse.

Use these baby closet organizer ideas to make those early months a little more relaxing.

Life is simply easier when you’re organized, especially when there’s more than one child to consider. An organized baby closet can make a difference when you’re tired, exhausted, and could use a little extra helping hand. It’s good for you and baby. And as a bonus, children who become accustomed to staying organized when young usually bring those habits with them into adulthood. Why not use these ideas to organize your life.

  • Triple hang your baby clothes to maximize space.
  • Include numerous shelves for diapers, blankets, lotions, and more. You can never have too many.
  • Baskets or drawers are the best organizers for small items.
  • Add hooks for convenience. These can be in the closet or near the dressing table.
  • Keep everything adjustable. A good closet organizer system should last a long time. They can even last into adulthood if you plan carefully. The secret is to make everything adjustable so that it can grow with the child. That means it should be easy to move shelves, clothes rods, and even drawers around in the closet for a mix and match system that can support changing needs.

Infancy is fleeting. Make sure you can enjoy your baby through every minute of it and don’t waste time being tired or needing to search for the stuff you need. These baby closet organizer ideas can help make the early months a bit less tiring so that you have more time to appreciate your family.

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