Whether you’re a professional artist, scrapbooker, or home crafter, you know the challenge of keeping your workspace neat. Arts and crafts are messy. No bones about it. Keeping your work area organized and clean is difficult at best. But cutting through the clutter is very important to the creative process and productivity. That’s how you reach fresh and unique solutions. The secret to success is setting up a dedicated area to practice your craft with plenty of storage for your tools and supplies. And it’s not that hard if you know where to start. Use these arts and crafts storage ideas as inspiration. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make.

You’re full of ideas — but how to keep your workspace tidy and organized is not one of them. If you’re one of those “artsy” types who derives a lot of satisfaction from making things, you know what we mean. It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a hobbyist or do it for a living. The paints, papers, clay, brushes, and other tools of the trade can easily get out of hand during the creative process. And there’s so many of them. But there is a way to keep your space neat without cramping your freedom to create. It all centers on having the right storage for your needs.

Proper storage is critical. When there’s a place for everything, it’s easy to keep everything in its place. And you’ll come to appreciate the convenience of having all the materials you need and want at your fingertips.

Home art studio with craft table and wall of storage for supplies.
This home art studio includes a craft table, an area for an easel, plus a wall of storage for canvases and supplies.

Set up a dedicated arts and crafts space.

The first thing you want to do is set up your studio. It doesn’t have to be a whole room. It may be just a quiet corner. But it’s important to have a dedicated space that is not the kitchen table. Choose a quiet area away from family activity. The goal is a spot where you can leave things uninterrupted between work sessions. Then surround your work area with shelving, drawers, and organizers that hold everything you need.

Some of the best arts and crafts storage ideas involve repurposing ordinary household objects.

There are numerous boxes and bins on the market that can be used as arts and crafts storage ideas. But none, perhaps, are as useful to artists and crafters as traditional pantry organizers. That’s because pantries need to store a lot of small bottles, jars, boxes, and bags. And that’s very similar to the types of containers that an artist or crafter uses for their supplies.

Go for pantry pull-out organizers.

Pantry organizers include a lot of pull-out baskets, shelves, and racks designed to fit neatly into banks of shelving. Use them to hold all your art supplies in a convenient yet organized manner. For example, try a spice rack for storing small bottles of crafting paint. The bottles are about the same size as your average spice jar. And pull-out trash cans are just as effective for a craft room as a kitchen. Set up one for garbage and another for recycling if you use a lot of paper or plastic in your work.

Close-up of various pantry organizers used in a craft room.
This craft room is equipped with a pull-out wire basket for balls of yarn, a pull-out pantry shelf and pull-out trash cabinet in addition to vertical tray organizers used for holding paintings and other artwork upright while it’s awaiting completion. Flat pull-out shelves are located under the craft table to lay artwork flat while it’s drying.
Pull-out pantry shelves used for art supplies in craft room
Use a pull-out pantry shelf with low sides like the one shown above to keep small bottles of paint accessible so that you can see all the colors. The 4-inch-sides ensure that nothing slides off and makes a mess.

Add a vertical tray organizer.

One of the most helpful pantry organizers used for art and craft storage is the humble vertical tray organizer. Every pantry and/or kitchen needs vertical storage for cookie sheets, broiler pans, and oversize baking trays. It’s so much more efficient to store these things on their sides. But did you ever stop to consider that this organizer works equally well for paintings, large drawings, poster boards, scrapbooks, and any flat piece of art that you’d like to store upright? Be sure to include a set of these in your art/craft room. It’s one of the most practical organizers available for arts and crafts storage. And if you need a horizontal rack for drying things flat, just turn the unit on its side to become a set of narrowly spaced deep shelves.

Pantry organizer for oversize cookie sheets used for arts and crafts storage.
Vertical tray storage for art projects and large canvases.

A table or other work surface is a necessity.

Think of your arts and crafts area the same way you would a home office. After all, it is a place where you work. If you prefer to sit down while you create, you’ll need to include some sort of work bench, desk, or table. Also important is whether the work area will need to serve one person or more than one. But generally, the larger the work surface the better when it comes to arts and crafts. Save money by repurposing an old desk or dining table for this activity if you have one. But even better is a custom craft table with integrated storage for your supplies. That way, you barely need to get up to find what you need. This can be very helpful when you’re on a creative roll. And it’s easy to put things back when they each have a dedicated space where they belong.

craft table surrounded by built-in storage for arts and crafts.
This functional craft table is surrounded by built-in storage designed to organize all sorts of craft materials and supplies.

Use decorative boxes and jars for open shelf storage.

It might be beads, buttons, stickers, bits of ribbon and string, or scraps from old greeting cards. There are always a lot of small design elements that need to be stored with any craft or scrapbooking station. Use clear glass jars and decorative boxes arranged on shelves to store these items. You don’t need a lot of space. Find previously overlooked spaces to install the shelves. The vertical space at the end of a table or desk can often be converted into small shelves for jars. for small jars.

Use a closet rod to organize rolls of paper or cloth.

Closet rods intended for hanging clothes are inexpensive and versatile. Think outside the closet and use them for organizing rolls of wrapping paper, paper backdrops, or other materials that come rolled on a paper tube.

Close-up of craft paper dispensed via closet rods hung above table.
Wrapping paper and other rolled materials are conveniently organized on short spans of closet rods.

Ready to get organized with these arts and crafts storage ideas?

Arts and crafts work areas are notoriously messy. But they don’t have to be. In fact, learning how to store all those craft supplies can be fun! Use these ideas as a springboard to get your space organized. And if you feel like you need help, the professional storage designers at closets.com are always ready to lend a hand. Let them design an art room or craft table with storage for you. Then watch as your creativity expands within your newly organized space!

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