You’ve seen them on HGTV. All those fancy closets that seem to be a standard fixture in celebrity homes. You may be surprised to learn that these luxury closets are not just for the rich and famous. You can have an amazing walk-in closet for your own master bedroom by simply following a few easy tips from the pros.

Transform your storage spaces into totally amazing walk-in closets.

All truly amazing walk-in closets have certain things in common. If you want the type of closet worthy of a magazine spread for yourself, follow these tips when planning your new closet design.

How much space will you need?

The first thing you need to do when considering a new closet is your available space. What kind of closet do you currently have? Can the existing closet be reconfigured to achieve what you want, or do you need to look at somehow expanding the space?

Woman thinking about closet remodel
The first thing to consider is the available space for closet storage.

One thing most amazing walk-in closets have in common is that they are fairly large. If you have a tiny reach-in closet but desire a large walk-in closet, you will need to find additional space to expand into. Breaking through a wall and taking space from an adjacent room is the obvious choice. Converting an entire spare bedroom into your new closet is another. However, there are other options if these solutions are not a possibility for you. Consider the space above or below your bedroom as potential new closet space. Attics with adequate headroom and basements can make good closets, especially when you include a staircase that connects the bedroom to the new closet space.

Spiral staircase in basement walk-in closet under bedroom
This closet is under the master bedroom. The owners used the space that was previously a small reach-in closet to add a spiral staircase. This way, they can easily access the huge basement space under their bedroom for a new amazing walk-in closet. Hint: Simple spiral staircases that are perfect for closets are easily available as a kit for DIY installation.

Pack It with Bells and Whistles

If you want a closet worthy of the stars, pack the space with high-quality closet accessories. These can be small and simple like valet poles, pant organizers and belt racks that add convenience while saving space. If you really want to add a WOW factor, however, consider installing a 360 Organizer® rotating closet system. This unique closet organizer holds up to 200 pairs of shoes. It is meant to sit in the corner of a closet and turns on a manually revolving base. Put one (or two) of these into your new closet and, guaranteed, you’ll be the envy of your neighborhood.

Amazing walk-in closet with 360 Organizer Shoe Spinner
This stunning walk-in closet features a 360 Organizer® rotating closet organizer in each corner. The one on the right is strictly for shoes and holds up to 200 pairs of footwear. The one on the left also has shelves for shoes, but also includes drawers and a clothes rod on one side.

Don’t Skimp on the Quality

The details are significant. They send a strong signal and create a clear differentiation between high and low-end closets. Go for top notch quality in all the material and finishes. It will make a difference, especially over time. In order to qualify as an amazing closet, it must last more than a couple of years. You want a closet that is built to stand the test of time and constant use. Go for the sturdier materials when building your closet. If you choose a laminate material (and there are a lot of high-quality laminates), choose one with a 3/4″ furniture grade core.

Furthermore, high-end closets feature high-end hardware. Pick knobs and handles, rods, and hinges that feel good in your hand and have some heft to them. High quality drawer pulls and rods are not necessarily expensive. There a plenty of good choices for those on a budget.

Signature rod in matte gold
This Signature rod in a matte gold finish adds more detail than a similarily priced plain closet rod.

Install a Closet Island or a Closet Hutch

When it comes to islands, the same rules apply to closets as to kitchens. A closet island creates an immediate focal point. Make it a statement piece when you top yours with a beautiful natural stone countertop and furnish the drawers with velvet organizers to hold your jewelry. Personalize the countertop with a display of personal photos or small pieces of art.

Amazing walk-in closet island with natural stone countertop and velvet jewelry drawer
This closet island features a natural stone countertop and velvet jewelry drawer.

If your closet doesn’t have a lot of space in the middle for an island, don’t fret. A closet hutch can provide many of the same features. The closet hutch unit installs against a wall. Although it lacks the four sides of storage, the hutch makes up for this with its overhead cabinet above the unit. Many amazing walk-in closets feature hutch units with glass doors on the overhead cabinet. They are very versatile and can also be used in a reach-in closet.

Closet hutch with glass doors
This closet hutch with glass doors offers similar storage and display opportunities as a closet island. It installs against a wall rather than the middle of the floor. It can be used in smaller, tighter spaces.

Light It with a Chandelier

If your walk-in closet has a bare bulb in the center, you need to replace that with a beautiful light fixture. Even if you have recessed lights in the ceiling or LED closet lighting along your shelves, supplement it with a hanging pendant style light fixture. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a traditional Waterford chandelier. Chandeliers come in many types and price points. Pick a pretty one that suits your style, budget and size of closet. Usually the chandelier is positioned in the center of the ceiling. Very large closets may need more than one.

Closet with Waterford chandeliers
This closet uses traditional crystal chandeliers to complement the traditional style millwork used in the closet and throughout the home.

If you are thinking about building a new master closet, try some of these tips. Most of them are relatively simple to implement but deliver a lot of punch. Expanding your functional closet space could require a bit more work, but the rewards are everlasting. Your amazing walk-in closet could be just a hammer, wrench, and screwdriver away from becoming a reality!

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  1. Great tips! Walk-in closets became common in the early 2000s. In fact, small bedrooms or storage spaces were converted into closets. Budget is a key consideration though.

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