Each year, the Pantone Color Institute, the major paint companies, and HGTV Home announce what colors they predict will be popular with home décor. Expect to see a lot of soothing green in the 2022 color trends accented by periwinkle for a punch of color. Complementing these accent colors are a pallet of neutrals. Ivory will be popular. Gray is still present to an extent, but it may take a back seat to beige tones. That’s right, after a long hiatus, beige is expected to make a comeback in home décor! One of the reasons it was selected is that it will add warmth to any room featuring the Pantone color of the year.

What is the Color of the Year 2022?

Pantone’s 2022 color of the year is “Very Peri“. A deep periwinkle color, it’s also known as Pantone 17-3938. (It’s equivalent to PMS 2366c or 2116c for ink). The Pantone color Institute describes this new color as the shade “whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.” It’s a dynamic periwinkle blue. Pantone loves to pair it with ivory and beige shades. Greens are also a popular complementary choice that aligns with paint colors promoted by the big paint companies for 2022.

Pantone 2022 color trends describe their new periwinkle color 17-3938.

It’s a welcome spot of color because it encourages new ways of thinking and doing. This is especially important after the gloom and doom tribulations of the COVID pandemic. Expect to see this a lot of this color in your closet this year through upholstery, new fashion, and paint colors.

2022 color trends show Cloffice with periwinkle walls inside and green exterior.
This cloffice (or closet/office) is part of a room painted with a calm, soothing green hue. Soft cream covers the moulding and trim. When the cloffice door is closed, it’s a quiet space. Open the cloffice door, however, and the work area becomes energized with a Very Peri interior.

What color should I paint my closet?

There are other influential players in the home décor field. All the major paint companies have come out with their own predictions of popular colors. 2022 color trends from these companies offer a pallet of coordinating colors. Overall, green followed by blue and brown take the top positions here. The overall theme is soothing tones — possibly a reaction to the chaos surrounding the last couple of years. A slightly different shade is offered by each manufacturer. They can all work a soothing backdrop to Very Peri if you plan to add periwinkle as an accent color.

Sherwin Williams

The Sherwin Williams paint company has selected a soothing grayish green as their 2022 color of the year. Evergreen Fog” is described as “soothing, subtle, and a perfect shade to freshen up any space.” It is a cool, medium grey with prominent green undertones. It pairs very well with off-white, beige, and light brown tones.

This custom closet features walls painted in the Sherwin Williams 2022 color of the year- Evergreen Fog. To use this color, pair your closet system components in a soft Ivory or Morning Dew color laminate like the one shown here.

Valspar 2022 Color Trends

Valspar, available from Lowes Home Improvement in addition to select hardware and paint stores, suggests a group of colors rather than a single color for 2022. A lovely green named “Blanched Thyme” tops the list, along with “Gilded Linen”, “Delighted Moon”, “Lilac Lane”, “Mountain River”, “Orchid Ash”, “Grey Suit”, “Subtle Peach”, “Rustic Oak”, “Sunset Curtains”, “Country Charm”, and “Fired Earth”. Valspar selected these colors for 2022 because they come from nature, each bringing a calm, comfortable presence into your home. The Valspar colors are a little brighter than the dusty tones suggested by the other paint companies. They bring a happy, optimistic feeling to any room and coordinate well with a wide selection of laminate and wood tones.

Rec-room decorated in Glidden 2022 color trends of the year.
Rec Room with walls painted with “Blanched Thyme” and sofa upholstered in “Fired Earth”.


Breezeway” is the Behr 2022 color of the year. The company, calls Breezeway “a color that welcomes a hopeful sense of renewal, restoration, and healing.” It’s a light blue green color, reminiscent of sea glass. Use it with white, and sandy beige, light grey, or light wood tones for best effect. Behr paints are available at the Home Depot.

Behr Breezeway 2022 color trend applied to a closet.
This closet is painted with Behr’s “Breezeway” 2022 color trend. Pair it with traditional white laminate for the closet.

Better Homes and Gardens Collection Paints

Better Homes & Gardens Paints, available at Walmart, have selected “Laurel Leaf” as their 2022 color of the year. It’s a dusty green shade that plays on current trends to incorporate elements of nature into our homes. According to Max Wilker, style director of the Better Homes & Gardens brand, “during the pandemic, people spent more time outside enjoying their backyards, parks, and other outdoor spaces, and now those shades of green are coming along back inside the home.” Because of its warm undertones, this color works well with warm whites, ivories, beiges, and light wood tones.

Floating entertainment center with in living room with green decor color trends.
This living room features the Better Homes and Gardens Laurel Leaf on the walls. Premium Breakwater warm grey wood tone laminate is used for the floating storage system.

Benjamin Moore 2022 Color Trends for Paint

October Mist” is Benjamin Moore’s nomination for the biggest 2022 color trends. Not surprisingly, it is another green tone. Described as a gentle sage, this color is both fresh and timeless at the same time. As a misty grey/green, It’s a little bit different than previous sages. It’s a bit cooler than other sages. Benjamin Moore has put together a pallet of 14 other “misty” colors that work well with October Mist, including four other green tones. Also included is one light purple. Recommended neutrals include paint colors Steam, Morning Dew, Collector’s Item, or Natural Linen.

Art studio in the Benjamin Moore 2022 color trends pallet.
The Benjamin Moore 2022 color trends pallet in action. Try mixing them with the light beige Aria laminate shown here. It’s available from closets.com.


Perhaps the brightest green of the bunch is “Guacamole” from Glidden. They researched the number of online searches for paint colors. Green had the highest demand. Glidden then came up with this soothing shade of Guacamole green as the predicted hot color for 2022. The color is happy, yet relaxing. It evokes the best nature has to offer. At a time when home is truly our sanctuary, Glidden’s Guacamole encourages peaceful feelings. Use it with soft cream, warm taupe, and natural wood tones for best effect.

Bathroom vanity with green wall behind it
This bathroom is painted in Glidden’s Guacamole paint color of the year. It pairs well with the White Chocolate laminate available from closets.com and our matte gold hardware.


PPG has selected “Olive Sprig” (PPG1125-4) as the color of the year for 2022. It was selected to reflect a world-wide thirst for authenticity, nature, and meaningful human interaction because we’ve been living in a mostly digital world for the past 24-months. The color is very organic and soothing. That’s why it is predicted to be a top seller. Use it with ivory, beige and pops of periwinkle for interest.

This little girl’s bedroom and closet feature an organic green — Olive Sprig— from PPG. Notice the light periwinkle in color used for the bedding. Use the combination of these soft pastels to add interest and sophistication beyond the typical Barbie Doll pink.


The only major paint company to veer from the green theme for 2022 color trends is Dunne-Edwards. They chose a warm brown called “Art & Craft” (DET682). According to the company, this “warm and earthy shade evokes feelings of stability and calm while allowing for a large range of play with creativity and change.” Use it as a deep neutral in place of grey. This nature driven brown tone also works well with Very Peri and the wide selection of grey/green tones popularized for 2022. Don’t hesitate to use any of the new colors alongside Art & Craft for a pop of extra color.

Custom electric fireplace surround with integrated storage
Notice the warm brown tone on the wall works with the Ginger Root and Cocoa laminates from Closets.com. Spice up this soothing warm brown with accessories that add pops of color to finish your look.

How will these 2022 color trends effect my home and closet?

2022 is the year we go back to nature. Enjoy the great outdoors while staying indoors with these paint colors. Many people will add the periwinkle and green shades to their closets through clothing choices, handbags, and other accessories. These colors pair well with ivory, beige and natural wood tones. That’s why, after many years of cool grey, warm colors are predicted to make a comeback in home décor. Very Peri and other blueish purple hues look especially nice with closet systems that feature white, ivory, beige, or warm grey.

If you’re confused about which color closet system to choose, don’t worry. The designers at closets.com are ready to help. We have over 40 colors of laminate to meet your needs and five different hardware finishes. There’s bound to be something that’s right for you.

Note: Closets.com is committed to helping our customers towards a more organized life. All the storage systems pictured on this page were designed by the talented designers at our company. If there is anything we can do for you in terms of custom storage, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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