Steps to measure your space for a pantry system

  • Measure the width of the wall in three height locations (Figure 1. marked A, B, and C) where the pantry system will be installed and record the smallest measurement. When taking the measurement closest to the floor, make sure your measurement is above any baseboard.
  • Confirm the depth of left and right walls and the type of location of the pantry doors. This is to confirm that the drawers and baskets to be fully opened unobstructed by doors, walls or other obstacles.

  • Make sure your pantry system will fit. Measure from floor to ceiling. Make sure the system will fit in the space height-wise, when the top shelf is installed at a height of 84” from the floor, as shown in Figure 2.
  • If you will be installing a system on more than one wall, confirm that the system on the adjacent wall maintains enough clearance.

Choose the right pantry system to meet your organizational needs

For some, a pantry shelving system can be a great addition to a kitchen and that’s it. Others want a place for everything. Start with our ready to order pantry systems or shop shelving systems and purchase separate accessories to add to your system.


Baskets are great in pantries! The 6” deep baskets are perfect for storing vegetables and fruits that don’t need refrigeration like potatoes, onions, apples, oranges, banana’s, grapefruits etc. We also offer systems with 11” deep baskets that are great for bags of chips.

  • You can add a canvas basket liner to any basket in your system.
  • All our baskets are supplied with installation hardware and full extension steel ball bearing runners.
  • Fully opened baskets extend 26” from the back wall. Confirm that when the system is installed that any baskets can open freely within the space and that all shelving can be easily accessed.
  • Our baskets are constructed of heavy gauge triple coated chrome, 2.8 mm and 5.8 mm steel wire.

Wine Racks

We currently offer sliding wine racks in two different sizes including 18” wide and 24” wide. Wine racks can be easily installed in any 18” or 24” system.

Spice Racks

We currently offer sliding spice racks in two different sizes including 18” wide and 24” wide. Spice racks can be easily installed in any 18” or 24” system.