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Steps to measure your closet space for a closet system

  • Measure the width of the wall in three height locations (Figure 1. marked A, B, and C) where the closet system will be installed and record the smallest measurement. When taking the measurement closest to the floor, make sure your measurement is above any baseboard.

  • Make sure your closet system will fit. Measure from floor to ceiling. Make sure the system will fit in the space height-wise, when the top shelf is installed at a height of 84” from the floor, as shown in Figure 2.
  • Confirm the depth of left and right walls and the type and location of the closet doors. This is to confirm that the closet design will allow for drawers and baskets to be fully opened unobstructed by doors, walls, or other obstacles.
  • If you will be installing a system on more than one wall, confirm that the system on the adjacent wall maintains enough clearance. Hanging sections need at least 25” of clearance in a corner or adjacent system, as shown in Figure 2.

Hanging Sections and What to Expect

  • Long Hanging: lower shelf at 66” and rod at 64.5”, great for overcoats, dresses, formal, coats, and other garments needing long hanging space.
  • Mid Hanging: lower shelf at 55” and rod at 52.5”, great for blouses, long skirts, coats, and other garments needing medium hanging space.
  • Double Hang: lower shelf at 42” and rod at 40.5”, great for maximizing your hanging space for shirts, blouses, folded pants, and other garments where stacking the hanging space makes most sense.

How much hanging space do you need?

  • 1” of rod per item for hanging blouses and shirts.
  • 1.25” of rod per item for slacks, skirts, or folded pants.
  • 2” of rod per item for dresses and over coats.
  • 2.5” of rod per item for suits, sport coats, and blazers.

Closet Shelving Sections

  • 18” shelves typically hold two pairs of men’s shoes or two women's folded shirts.

  • 24” shelves typically hold three pairs of women’s shoes or two stacks of folded items.

  • 30” shelves typically hold four pairs of women’s shoes or three pairs of men’s shoes or three folded women’s shirts or two folded sweaters.

Closet Drawers

  • Our drawer faces are made of 3/4” MDF core with thermofoil vinyl wrapped fronts.
  • Drawers are constructed of hand assembled 1/2” maple laminate.
  • We use high capacity 100 lb rated epoxy coated runners that utilize nylon ball bearing rollers.
  • Fully opened drawers extend 26.5” from the back wall, including handles.
  • Built-in self closing feature with all runners 7/8 extension.


  • Closet Baskets add a convenient way to store and access clothing and can be a great addition to your closet as a portable laundry basket.
  • Baskets liners can be added to any basket and can be easily removed and the contents carried directly to the laundry in our easy to use canvas liners. Canvas liners have Velcro attachments and are laundry safe.
  • All our baskets are supplied with installation hardware and full extension steel ball bearing runners.
  • Fully opened baskets extend 26” from the back wall.
  • Our baskets are constructed of heavy gauge triple coated chrome, 2.8mm and 5.8 mm steel wire.