360 Organizers by Lazy Lee

The 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee Rotating Closets

Welcome to the future of modern closet organization! Shoes, clothing, accessories, and kitchen pantry items are all ideal candidates for the unique and exciting 360 Organizer®rotating closet system. The original high-quality Lazy Lee, this innovative design uses a 360 degree turning mechanism to allow for easy and quiet manual rotation of the unit while dramatically increasing your storage space. It can be used alone as a freestanding unit or integrated into a full closet organization system. With seven standard configurations including “The 360 Double Hang,” “The 360 Shoe Spinner,” “The 360 Valet,” and “The 360 Pantry” — there's bound to be a 360 Organizer® that is perfect for your needs. Download the brochure for details!

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A rotating shoe rack and corner closet organizer with cabinet
360 Shoe Spinner with Cabinet

A rotating shoe rack and freestanding corner closet organizer for shoes
360 Shoe Spinner Freestanding

A corner storage cabinet with a  complete rotating closet system inside
360 Valet with Cabinet

A complete freestanding rotating closet system for small closet organizing
360 Valet Freestanding

Rotating closet organizer and freestanding closet system with 8 feet hanging space
360 Double Hang Freestanding

Rotating pantry shelves for maximum pantry storage in a corner
360 Pantry Corner

Rotating pantry shelves for maximum pantry storage along a wall
360 Pantry Wall